How Do You Get People Interested in Doing a Direct Sales Home Party?

I got the following question recently on my Facebook fan page:


"How do you get people interested in doing a home party with you?"


It's a good question and one I'm sure you've asked yourself (and been asked if you're a leader) before. There are two kinds of direct sales bookings; bookings from home parties and creative bookings.


Let's start with bookings from parties.


My best advice regarding getting people interested in booking a party from the party they're attending is to make sure that they're having a great time! Think about it. If a potential host is having a great experience at your party, having fun, interacting, laughing, and enjoying herself, she's going to be much more likely to want to repeat this experience in her own home with her own friends. Conversely, no one is going to sit through a boring presentation, staring at her watch and wondering when she can make her escape, and then sign up to have to live through that experience again in a few weeks before she exits stage left. So take some time, analyze your party presentation, and make sure it's awesome and all about the guests and their experience.


Creative bookings can be more challenging.


The best advice I can give here is to make sure, once again, that you're making it about them. What are the benefits for that potential host, of booking a party with you? What's she going to experience and receive (besides free products). Creating a booking commercial for your party can help you identify these things, so that when you do get on the phone or approach a friend about having a party, you'll be able to use those ideas. For example, rather than saying, "Would you like to book a party with me? We have lots of great new items for fall that you could earn for free!" which is about you and your products (your agenda), you might say "So, now that the kids are back in school and you can actually focus on yourself for a change, I have a great idea. Let's do a party, let me come and spoil you and your friends, and we'll have a girl's night out." The first sentence is about you, the second is all about her. Get it?


What are your best ideas for filling up your calendar this fall?


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