Do It Yourself



This page is for those fiercely independent among you. Those who never quite got beyond that childhood declaration “I can do it MYSELF!” I can relate! I’m right where you are most of the time (or at least I start there).


Below you’ll find lots of great audio programs, online learning programs, download products that I’ve designed just for you. The one requirement each shares is that you actually listen, read, or download and then TAKE ACTION on what you’ve learned. This is great stuff, but I can guarantee you that it won’t work if you all you do is download it and listen to it without implementing what you learn! That’s why all of my programs have action steps and support documents designed to help you implement and integrate what you’re learning.

Audio Programs

My audio programs are available as downloads or CDs (for those who still use those) and each one is designed to give you a systematic approach. Listen to them at least a few times, use the download page to download the worksheets, and then use what you’ll learn to change your home party results. Pretty simple. Click on the links below to see the descriptions for each program to determine which one you need.


Amazing-Party-web-pic-with-discs-300x274 Chms-DVD-web-pic-300x287 Web-Product-Pic

Designing an Amazing Party Experience
Coaching Your Host for Maximum Success
Building a Strong Direct Sales Team

Online Learning Programs

We all love to be online, and these programs allow you to work from anywhere where you have a computer or access to email. They’re designed to walk you through the process in a bit slower, more methodical way so that you have time to take action on what you’re learning before you move on to something else. Each one also has it’s own page so you can read more details about how to use it.





The Direct Sales Success Blueprint Program
Get Organized and Take Back Your Life Program 

Download Products

My download products are here to save you the work of reinventing the wheel. Need a fun themed invitation? Want to know exactly what to train at your next meeting? Need to know exactly what to say to get the results you want? Looking for a training program for your new consultants? Download the answer with these products.


Powerful Language for Your Direct Sales Business E-book/Audio Book
Powerful Tools for Your Direct Sales Business
Getting Your New Representatives Off to a Strong Start