Guest Post: 5 Tips for Successfully Moving Your Direct Sales Business

By Guest Blogger Teri Baxter

Most people find moving a very stressful event. Moving a direct sales business on top of that can be pretty intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are 5 tips for successfully re-launching your business after a move even before you get fully settled!

1. Plan Ahead


  • Is it possible you can host a party or two along your way? If you’re moving long distances, see if a family member or friend would love a chance to have a fun event with her friends when you pass through! Start asking now so you’ll know what you’ll need before the movers pack your business supplies away.
  • What about pre-planning ‘unadvertised’ specials? Create opportunities for your customers to continue buying from you whether it’s a special ‘catalog party’ where the hostess and her guests get an extra little gift for having fun and helping you during your move, or hosting a special ‘Moving Day’ event where online business helps you reach your monthly or quarterly goals. Consider that giving up a little of your commission to keep the momentum going during a transition can help you reach your goals while you can’t really work your business, especially if you’re working toward earning a trip or want to earn your full commission.

2. Ask For Referrals

  • Before you move, ask past hostesses, customers and friends for Moving Referrals! You never know when your local clients have another friend or relative in the town you’re moving to who also loves your company’s products.
  • Be sure to ask customers for the new referral’s permission to call once you get settled to see how you can best serve them. Or, see if it’s ok for you to contact them ahead of time to establish a relationship before arriving. Even if you find they’re not interested in your business, you could definitely use some friendly assistance with learning about the new area you are moving to! 
  • Always reward your referrals. It doesn’t have to be big, or expensive, but saying thank you with a bonus is always a great business practice!

3. Make New Friends

Establishing new and meaningful friendships once you arrive is the most important aspect to really liking where you live and growing your business!

  • Find a new church, join a gym, volunteer at your children’s school, get involved in the local community, and pursue your hobbies and interests (check out You’ll begin to meet people you like and who will like you, too! Once you’ve established a friendship, you’ll create easy connections and lots of opportunities for people to ask you about your business.
  • Nothing is worse than moving to a new town and projecting the image of the ‘desperate and pushy seller’ right from the first conversation. When you create a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, even those who don’t have a need for your product will be happy to refer your business.

4. Cover the 3-mile Radius

  • Drive around your new neighborhood with business cards, flyers, pushpins and old catalogs with your new contact information packed in your car. Then, visit all the local businesses within a 3-mile radius of your house with a bulletin board or waiting room where you can leave your information.
  • Even if the location is a grocery store bulletin board plastered with ads, you’ll make a much better impression by asking to speak with the manager and getting permission to advertise in their business! Make sure you’re wearing your company logo wear and if you have children, this is the time to leave them at home with Dad or a sitter!
  • I’m sure you’ve either experienced it first-hand, or heard of consultants, who have met the bank teller, dentist receptionist, or even car-wash attendant who loves your product and becomes a star customer. You want to be THE consultant everyone recognizes for your company in your immediate area!

5. Stay Connected

If you’ve ever taken a break from your business, have you noticed how much harder it feels like you have to work to get back to where you were before? Moving is definitely one of those times where staying connected to your customers, upline, and company news is especially important. If you’re a leader, it’s also important to keep those lines of communication open with your team!

  • In today’s world of smart-phones and Wi-Fi, it’s easier than ever to touch base on your Facebook business page, schedule a few blogs ahead of time, and keep up with corporate news and emails. Take advantage of long road trips to listen to some business books on CD while you’re on the road and catch up on your education!
  • By letting your customers and team see your presence on-line, you’ll reassure them that you’re still working your business and are available to them even during your transition, especially the ones you are leaving behind for the first time. Staying connected also helps keep YOUR motivation up and will help you stay up-to-date when you are ready to hit the ground running!

Your personal move doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward in your business. With these 5 tips in your hip pocket, you can now take ACTION knowing you’ll be prepared for bigger and better business in your new location!

Meet Guest Blogger Teri Baxter – Since 2003, Teri Baxter has started and relocated her business as a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant in 5 states. She leads a nation-wide team of close to 100 consultants while balancing the demands of being an Air Force wife, mother of 3, and community volunteer. As a Director, Teri has most recently been recognized by her company as an expert in successfully moving a business by coaching consultants and direct sellers at the 2010 Close To My Heart National Convention in Washington, D.C. Teri is passionate about sharing her joy of crafting with others and helping other direct sellers succeed! For more information, you can learn more about Teri at and connect with her via Facebook at

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