5 Simple Steps For Making Your Home Party Virtual

Virtual Party Solution CircleIf you do home parties for a living, you’ve probably experienced some issues getting bookings at some point in your career. In the past few years, I’ve noticed this issue becoming more and more prevalent for many representatives in our industry. People are more busy than ever and putting on a party often just seems like too much work for them.


Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that live home parties are the best way to build your business and sell your products. But something new has become very popular over the past few years or so and you really need to know about it.


I call them “virtual parties” and they are simply your party done in a live, online format, which makes it much easier for your hosts and her guests to join you and interact. We’re all on our computers all the time anyhow, right? Why not jump on it for an hour or so and attend a fun virtual party? My clients who are doing virtual parties have found that, once they get the hang of them, they’re less work than a home party and are often easier to book because it’s easier for a host to say yes to a virtual party.


You’ll need to figure out a few things in order to throw a successful virtual party. Here’s my checklist:


1. Learn how to set up and leverage a Facebook Event


While I don’t recommend hosting your virtual parties on Facebook (events or groups), this is one of the easiest ways to help your host invite and engage with her guests prior to, during, and even after your virtual party. Once you get the hang of these they’re a piece of cake, but you’ll need to set up a few before you feel comfortable with them.


2. Coach your host to make sure you have a full event full of guests


Coaching a host for a virtual party is a little different than coaching one for a home party. You’ll need to make sure she knows how the Facebook event works, how and who to invite to her party, how your virtual platform will work, and how to get her guests engaged and excited about jumping on their computers and joining your event live the day of the party.


3. Find a simple, affordable virtual platform that meets your needs


This is often times the most overwhelming part of learning to do virtual parties and it’s really not as hard as it sounds. There are lots of simple, affordable (even free) platforms what will allow you to interact live online with your guests. Check out teleconference and video conference options, find one that fits your needs, then practice with it a few times to get comfortable prior to your first party. The one I like best? Meet.fm (and you can learn all about how to use it on the my FREE video mini-course).


4. Create a fun virtual party experience


This should be fairly simple for you if you’re already doing home parties, because you should have your presentation pretty much down. You can pare it down so it’s a little shorter and adapt a few games for the online realm. The key to success with a virtual party is to get your guests involved and make sure they’re interacting and having fun throughout your presentation.


5. Employ simple follow up tactics to build online relationships


Most direct sellers don’t make time for follow up with their in home party guests and host (which is a shame because you’re literally leaving money on the table if you skip this important step), but with a virtual party, it’s super simple to follow up. Send a Facebook message or post on your host’s wall. You’re on Facebook anyhow, so the follow up is really pretty much a no brainer.


There you have it. A quick overview of my formula for a successful virtual party.


If you’re wondering how to do some of these things or want more detail about them, grab my mini-course I covered all 5 of the above steps in detail on this fun, easy-to-access mini-course and the replay will be up for a few more days.



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Can’t wait to help you get YOUR virtual party on!


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