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If you're a direct seller who's serious about succeeding, this program is FOR YOU!

Give me 10 minutes a week and I'll help you change your direct sales business!

  • Are you tired of not getting the results you want in your direct sales business?
  • Are you cross-eyed from the sheer volume of "helpful" information for direct sellers out there?
  • Has your direct sales business taken over your schedule, leaving you no time for your life?
  • Don't you wish someone could just lay out a simple plan for you to succeed?

My mom is a no-nonsense woman and one of the most important mentors in my life. She always told me I could either lead, follow, or get out of the way. And that if I was complaining about a problem, I was part of the problem instead of the solution.

A few months ago I found myself complaining to a colleague about how I'm tired of hearing from frustrated direct sellers. I'm tired of understanding first hand the power of this industry and then witnessing so many people fail instead of succeed. And how there must be a way to change the results so many people are getting. I actually said to her, "Someone should do something about it!"

That's when my moms words hit me right smack dab between the eyes. So I stopped complaining and started really searching for a solution.

Let me give you a little background.

For almost five years, I've resisted offering a monthly membership program because of my own experiences with the ones I've joined myself. They've been too complicated, had too much information, and left me feeling more frustrated than helped each month when that charge showed up on my credit card statement.

I've joined two membership programs just this year alone and ended up quitting both in frustration because I was overwhelmed and didn't have time to utilize the information offered on the memership sites…not to mention finding the time to understand how to use the sites in the first place.

I know you didn't start your direct sales business expecting to fail! I know you're probably thinking (often), "There's got to be an easier way!" Let me just tell you, THERE IS, and I know how to teach it to you. I've got the systems, forms, programs, all of it. They've worked for literally thousands of direct sellers and I know they could work for you.

My problem? I haven't been able to figure out a really good way to deliver all of these great systems to you (and the thousands of other people who've been asking me for them) in a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE way that would INSPIRE you to actually TAKE ACTION…


Last month, I got an idea. What if I could find a way to deliver a simple tutorial every week "in person" to those direct sellers who are struggling to learn how to succeed? And what if I could make it so simple to access and easy to implement that the results would start almost immediately?

Well, I've figured it out. I've come up with a simple solution that I believe can change your business. It's a completely new idea for getting easy direct sales business systems into your hands every single week.


"I would pay double for it if I had to do it again!


"Wow! I'm so glad I signed up for your "Smart Simple Systems for Direct Sales Success" video training! I would pay double for it if I had to do it again! I've been a leader with my company for a while now, but still struggled with the things that leaders struggle with like time management, harmony between home and work and leadership.Your program is helping me solve those challenges. I love the easy to digest format that keeps me from being overwhelmed. Your training style allows me time to master one area before moving on to the next one! Genius. I look forward to the videos each week!


Thank you Julie for helping me move my business to the next level!

Laurie Hancock, Gold Manager, Gold Canyon

And if you can check your e-mail, you can succeed in this program! It's that simple!

First, let me tell you what you won't get:

  • A complicated membership site
  • Confusing passwords
  • Frustration at knowing where to begin
  • Guilt about not finding the time to access or implement the information

Look, success in direct sales isn't rocket science, but it does require smart, simple systems for running your business and getting booking, sales, and sponsoring results. I know my systems work. I know they're simple. The key for me was to figure out a way to get them into your hands in an easy, non-complicated way.

That's where my Smart, Simple Systems for Direct Sales Success Program came from. I've figured out how to help you succeed in about 10 minutes a week. No kidding!

My private clients pay hundreds of dollars a month for my one-on-one time. I wanted to find a way to get you some face time with me for a fraction of the cost. That's how this program was born and I'm super excited about it!

"Julie is leading me through the process of becoming a more effective leader and direct seller through the Smart Simple Systems Program by breaking down the process into weekly achievable steps. I love the program so far."
-Barbara Maurais, Team Leader, The Pampered Chef

Here's how it works:

Step #1 – You sign up for this program (That's easy. All you have to do is click on the "Get Access" button below)
Step #2 – You get redirected to our sign-up page and you fill out a simple form – once. No password to create or remember, just your name and e-mail address.
Step #3 – You receive a confirmation e-mail and confirm your subscription.
Step #4 – You receive a welcome e-mail within a few hours with a short training video from me and instructions for using our system.
Step #5 – Each week you receive a new video tutorial and worksheet or resource with a simple system to improve your direct sales business. I'll start at the beginning, just like I do with my personal clients, and walk you through the steps you need to succeed. It's like having me come to your house once a week and give you one on one training!
Step #6 – You implement what you've learned over the course of the next 7 days. (And you will because it's just a small amount of information each week instead of an overwhelming amount all at once)

That's it! It's really that simple. You get my information in easy-to-digest pieces, and you get a full 7 days to implement what you've learned before I give you any more. Each tutorial is a short video so you can watch and learn and then download the support document to give you more instructions.

Each week, I'll cover a short lesson on either booking, sales, sponsoring, business organization, leadership, or business development, and I'll give you simple instructions for how to implement that tool into your business over the course of the next 7 days. Then you just go do it!

I've broken the training down into quarters, with each quarter containing 13 weeks of videos. Here's what we'll cover in the first 4 quarters:

1st Quarter – Business and Party Systems
2nd Quarter – Tools for a Successful Party

3rd Quarter – Host Coaching
4th Quarter – Sponsoring, Team Management, Using Social Media

Ready to get started?
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