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Are you a direct sales leader who does monthly meetings for your team?

Do you dread planning your meeting content each month?

Running out of ideas to keep your meetings fresh and your attendance up?

Are your meetings so fun that your team
looks forward to attending each month?

What if you could check “meeting planning” off of your list for good?

What would that be worth to you?  

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Tired of stressing over your monthly team meetings? You’re not alone!

Here are just a few of the complaints we’ve heard from our clients regarding monthly training meetings:

“I find myself running around in a panic the day (and most of the night) before a meeting, trying to figure out what I’m going to train on and getting all the handouts created and done. It’s honestly something I dread.”

“The attendance at my meetings is really unpredictable. Sometimes I’ll have a great turnout, but sometimes there are only one or two people, which is frustrating”

“I know I need to be covering training on party presentation, host coaching, and sponsoring at every meeting, but frankly, I have run out of ideas regarding what to teach my team.”

“It seems there’s a ‘key’ to successful meetings that I just haven’t found. I want them to be fun and educational and meeting the needs of my team but can’t seem to figure out the system for creating that. HELP!”

What if we could give you:

  • 12 complete months of training material covering party tools, host coaching, and recruiting each month
  • Complete agendas for the attendees at your meetings to follow
  • Worksheets that supported what you were teaching
  • Fun invitations that get your team members excited about attending your meetings

Your meetings are the key to connection with your team. They provide not only a chance to educate, but also a chance to connect, recognize, and build stronger relationships.

And your time is valuable.

We’ve created this program as a complete system. All you have to do is use our training materials and projects and take the credit for (not to mention reap the benefits of) great training meetings.

                                             Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A fun invitation in both 4-to-a-page postcard and flyer format for either mailing or e-mailing
  • A Party Tool (booking/sales) Training
  • A Host Coaching Training
  • A Recruiting Training
  • A planned group activity that will encourage your members to create a business tool that can be implemented immediately and will allow them to interact with one another while creating this tool
  • A Call to Action at the end of the meeting to encourage your team to complete an assignment prior to the next meeting
  • Julie Anne Jones’ special report “5 Ways to Make Your Meetings Fun”

Is this training high quality?

We’ve taken our time in creating this program. The trainings have been pulled from our extensive library of proven material created by Julie Anne Jones.

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

“As a leader who’s been doing team meetings for over 15 years, planning meetings had become one of my least favorite chores. Coming up with fun, inspiring ideas for team trainings and putting all of the worksheets and activities together necessary to put on a meeting used to be something I dreaded.

That’s why I was excited to hear about a system that would make that part of my job simple. After using Julie Anne Jones’ ‘Smart Leader’s Meeting Planning System’ for the first time at my team meeting last month, I am very impressed. The agenda included with the program was well laid out and easy to follow. I simply filled in a few of my own agenda items and it flowed completely smoothly. I also loved that the training materials were generic enough to modify and train in a seasonal way (in this case, summer). After experiencing the trial month, I really like this program and intend to upgrade to the twelve month system. The thought of never having to plan or prepare for another meeting again is just too good to pass up!”
Teresa Brown, Executive Director, The Pampered Chef


“Preparing my last two team meetings has been a breeze thanks to Julie Anne Jones’ ‘Smart Leader’s Meeting Planning System.’  Julie has taken the worry out of planning by providing a monthly meeting theme, detailed agenda with room for me to add company and team specific items, training topics complete with handouts and a call to action to end the meeting.  What a huge timesaver this has been!  I recommend every smart leader give it a try. Your meetings will be more organized, fun and engaging as a result!”
Dena Brandt, Senior Executive Director, Cookie Lee Jewelry



“I used the new Smart Leader Package last night on a team conference call and it worked like a “charm”! I delegated parts of the training to my leaders and took part of it myself and we got through the entire trial package! I am just THRILLED that part of my job is so much easier with this package. Thank you Julie Ann and Nancy!!!!!  It is AWESOME!!!!!
Jacquie McConnell, Director, Homemade Gourmet






“It was so easy to plan this meeting. Everything was there and I had so little to prepare. I was starting to second guess myself regarding buying this program because my company gives us an outline for our meetings, but nothing like this! This is definitely worth the money. I was able to take everything to the meeting location and my team went home with party date cards ready to use! A new girl who has her kickoff show this Sunday was there and now has six party date cards to have ready to book her first six shows! I told my team that I bought the package and that the training is from you and it may be something they had heard before, but they will go home and be ready for action. The comment after the meeting was: ” I like the Julie Ann Jones training. Not that your training wasn’t good!”
Mickey Sapa, Director, The Pampered Chef


Julie Anne Jones is a direct sales consultant and trainer, an ICF accredited life and business coach, and the

CEO of Julie Anne Jones, Inc. She is known for her authentic and easy-to-use scripting and specializes in specific
language and tools for success in direct sales.

Julie Anne combines her training in leadership, her natural communication skills, her coaching training, her experience as a direct sales professional, and her dynamic, sometimes outrageous personality into a very direct, entertaining and fun training experience. As a former Direct Sales professional, Julie Anne worked a party plan business for several years, consistently holding three parties per week and winning national awards yearly. She also worked within a multi-level marketing structure, building a National team through internet networking.

Over the past six years, she has become a sought after corporate consultant and trainer, bringing her unique style to corporate events throughout the United States and Canada. She loves sharing her information, whether it’s from the stage or through her webinar and tele-seminar training platforms.To learn more about Julie Anne and her products and services, visit her at or check out her blog at

Here’s how to order this amazing program

Because it’s a virtual product, within minutes of placing your order, the program will be delivered to your e-mail box. Get it today and host an amazing meeting tomorrow night! (and check “meeting planning” off of your to-do list for good!)

Our system is designed to give you a discount based on the number of months you order. Below are the options for membership in this program. Once you choose a membership level and complete the ordering information, you’ll automatically be sent an e-mail with the links to the training materials and invitations for the entire duration of your membership.

Best Value!!! Save 50%

12-Month Subscription $9.95 per month
(one time payment of $119.40 – you save $120.00)
The Smart Leader’s Quarterly Leadership Training System
(a $29.95 value) as our gift!

Imagine, a full year’s worth of meetings you can repeat every year,
completely done for you!

6-Month Subscription $12.95 per month
(one time payment of $77.70 – you save $42.00)

3-Month Subscription $15.95 per month
(one time payment of $47.85 – you save $12.00)
1-Month Trial Subscription $19.95
The Smart Leader’s Quarterly Leadership Training System
($29.95 for four trainings)








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