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Use a Booking Tree to Double Your Bookings From Parties!

img_1840Here’s a terrific tool for you to use right away in your direct sales business. What if you had so many bookings from your home parties that you had to give them away to your downline? Can you imagine getting three to four bookings at every home party you do? What would that mean for your paycheck each week? Using a visual direct sales tool to share your available dates at your home parties is the quickest way to accomplish higher bookings.  


First of all, if you know when you’re working, it not only supports the balance in your life, it also can increase your bookings because you are intentional about offering those dates to your home party guests. Secondly, finding a way to make offering your available dates even more appealing by using some sort of tool like an instant reward (or booking gift) can also sway someone from a maybe to a yes.


That's where my Booking Tree comes in. This tool is a simple, incredibly effective way to share your home party dates. It's a photo stand (check out the photo of the one I used above) with several slots. You simply fill out your party date cards (a simple 3×5 card with a space for the date of the home party and the host’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address) and attach them to the booking tree. At the end of your booking commercial (another great tool), simply hold up the booking tree. (Here's the fun part!) In the corner of each card, punch a hole and attach a small gift to that card (the dollar store is a great outlet for this, or you can use small items from your own line. Be sure the gift doesn't cost you more than a few dollars).


Tell your guests that these are the dates you're available over the next several weeks and that once they choose the date they want, the gift attached to that card is theirs to keep. Then simply ask them to fill out their information on the card and give you five minutes before they leave, so you can get them set up and working on their own home party. It's so simple that you'll find that your home parties seem to book themselves!  Someone will take a card and bring it to you all filled out. At that point, they're ready to be set up for host coaching. You can also use a gift bag for larger items that can’t clip to the cards and they can choose a gift from that bag when they bring you the party date card.


The idea of this tool is to offer them an instant gift for choosing one of your “bonus” dates.  As a direct sales trainer, I can tell you that this concept is the single most effective way my clients have found to increase bookings for their direct sales businesses. And it's very easy to provide this training to someone new to your direct sales business, so they too, can begin getting bookings right away (and you know what they say – no one ever quits with bookings on their calendar).


If you're having trouble finding a booking tree, buy one like the one I used from Amazon (below).


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Julie Anne Jones is a direct sales corporate consultant, coach, and trainer, and the CEO of Julie Anne Jones, Inc. She is known for her authentic and easy-to-use scripting and specializes in specific systems, language, and tools for success in direct sales. To learn more about Julie Anne and her products and services, and to read her weekly blog posts, visit her at www.julieannejones.com.




  1. The gifts are small, very inexpensive items. I would keep them at les than $5.00. Plus, I highly recommend that you set up a host coaching date & set up some requirements for them before they leave that night.