1% Can Make All The Difference


I live less than an hour from the “path of totality” experienced in the recent solar eclipse. When it was announced a year ago that campsites and hotel rooms were going fast, I ignored it. I figured I’d drive 45 miles south on the day of the event and be good. Then about a month ago they started talking about the colossal traffic jams both to and from the path of totality that would create total gridlock for days before and after the eclipse and I decided to skip it. After all, in Vancouver, Washington where I live, they said we’d get 99% of the eclipse and that seemed good enough for me.

It wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a really cool experience, from the top of the mountain we hiked to to witness it, but it wasn’t a golden ring or the amazing moment when the world went dark and still that others in the path of totality experienced. I regret not braving the traffic and getting to the 100% point. As I was thinking about that this morning, it made me realize that it’s applicable to life and business as well.

So often, as solopreneurs or direct sellers, we stop just short of getting where we need to be. We follow up with a lead once or twice (maybe even three times) and then figure the person isn’t interested and never call again. That next call (1%) could have been the one on which the prospect said yes. We give most of what we’ve got most of the time, but then throw up our hands and walk away without making that final 1% push to make our dreams a reality.

I started hiking this year and I can tell you, at the 99% mark, about a mile from the top when your legs are screaming, you’re out of breath, and your feet are killing you, that 1% seems out of reach. It feels easier to turn around and go back down instead of continuing to climb. But pushing through it and getting to the top brings such an amazing reward that you forget about the pain. Gazing out over a vast valley at your feet, feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes with summiting that peak makes pushing through that 1% totally worth it.

The super hard work lies in that 1%. The uncomfortable actions that push us out of our comfort zones live there. The small shift in our thinking that makes all the difference is that 1% as well.

Where are you settling for “pretty much good enough” in your own life and business, avoiding temporary discomfort and sacrificing the amazing results you could be getting? Where are you deciding that it’s not worth the drive to get the whole experience and just staying home and settling for good enough?

As someone who watched my young, vital, happy husband John literally shrink away, finally totally consumed by cancer, I can tell you that life is short. Since his death, I don’t take things for granted and I usually seize the day. This time, as John would say, I screwed the pooch. Fail, Julie Anne. I should have gone.

It won’t happen again. I’m already making plans for New England in 2024 and possibly even Argentina in 2 years so I can experience 100% totality for myself. I’ll let this be a lesson to me and keep my focus on getting through the difficult 1% so I get the payoff in my life and business as well.


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