10 Questions for a Strong Direct Sales Business Plan

Computer-coffeeDid you know that direct sales is considered a “recession proof” business? Historically, according to the DSA, our industry sees an increase in sales and recruiting during more difficult economic times. What does that mean for you? Opportunity! Think about these questions:


  • Do you know anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet at the moment and is looking for a part time job?
  • Do you know anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and needs a break?
  • Are you or someone in your company making full time wages working part time with your company?
  • Is it possible that people who love your products and are short on money could get excited about earning your products for free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I hope you’re beginning to see the opportunity instead of the obstacle in the news of the economic hardship we’ve been receiving lately. If you’ve ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time, now is the time and you’re in the right place. Start focusing on all the opportunities and take action to begin capitalizing RIGHT NOW! Below are some tips to support you with a strategy for moving through the rest of this year with a strong plan.


10 Questions For a Strong Business Plan


Now is the perfect time to look at your business and either develop new or update existing systems which will bring you the results you desire. You can also focus on clearing and organizing your space so you’ll be more efficient when you do get busy. Last, but certainly not least, intentionally plan your business by creating a schedule which encompasses everything that’s important to you. Schedule your personal time, time with your spouse/significant other, business activities, desired dates for parties, opportunity events, meetings, and family time.


Now, ask yourself the following ten questions, be honest, and make a plan for success!


  1. Do I have a goal for the number of parties I intend to hold each month during the fall selling season?
  2. What is my ideal sales month? (If you don’t know, how will you create it?)
  3. Do I have a purpose? WHY am I in business?
  4. Do I have a set schedule for my business? On a scale of 1–10, how well do I stay on track in committing to my schedule?
  5. On a scale of 1–10, how well do I practice and implement what I learn? What practices have I put off implementing that I KNOW will bring me great results? When will I implement them?
  6. Do I make excuses for not applying energy to my business? What are these excuses costing me? Will I schedule a time to look seriously at the truth, or will I sweep this under the rug?
  7. How well do I follow through with my agreements? Am I of my word? What will I change?
  8. Am I fearful of failure or rejection? Have I searched for the limiting beliefs that block me from succeeding?
  9. Do I know my goals for this week? (Some examples of powerful weekly goals):
  • Send thank you cards to your new hosts immediately after they schedule a party.
  • Invite every guest to host a party and be creative with your language.
  • Hand out 3 opportunity packets at every party.
  • If you are a leader with a team, schedule a weekly support coaching call with every representative who is interested in developing their business.
  • Make 10 calls a week inviting guests to hear about the business opportunity.

  10. What is my action plan? What will I do to make these weekly goals a reality?



By taking some time to really look at your business honestly and create an intentional plan for moving forward toward the goals you set now, you’ll not only weather the economic challenges we’re facing, but take advantage of them and grow your business throughout the upcoming fall selling season.


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