2 Simple Tools To Increase Home Party Plan Sales

If you’ve ever walked out of a home party frustrated by your lack of sales or bookings (and who hasn’t), you understand how important it is to find a way to get inside your guest’s minds and figure out how you can help them get what they want. Think about it. If you knew which products your guest liked before you sat down to take her order, don’t you think you would sell more? If you knew just how interested she was in booking a home party, don’t you think you could work with her to find a way to make that happen? I know you could.


Using a few simple tools to communicate with and engage your direct sales home party guests during your party can mean more bookings and sales for you at the end of the party and after the party as you follow up with interested guests. These tools give you a virtual “window” into your guests minds, so you can learn what products they like and discover their interest level in several areas.


We’ll start by talking about the Guest Care Card. This simple form (sometimes referred to as the Door Prize Drawing Slip) is used to discover the interest level of your guests in several areas, including booking a party. Have them fill it out progressively as the party goes on with this simple formula:

  • Before you start your presentation, have them fill out the top portion (which has a space for their name, phone number, e-mail, etc.) and then put the card away.
  • Once you complete your booking commercial, have them circle their level of interest (on a scale of 1-10) in booking a party with you.
  • After your opportunity commercial, have them circle their level of interest (on a scale of 1-10) in learning more about your business opportunity.
  • Do a drawing at the end of your party with from all the completed cards filled out.

The scale of 1-10 is much more effective than a yes or no answer, because it leaves room for you to discover their objections or what’s holding them back (in other words, if they circle a 4, it’s not a strong yes, but it’s not a no either, so follow it up with the question, “What would make that a 10 for you?”)


The second valuable tool to consider using at your parties is a Wish List. This is simply a list you provide your home party guests that enables them to write down the items they like, page numbers, and prices. This is such a valuable tool for you because it allows you to see what your guests liked during the course of your presentation. That supports you in suggesting they book a party (so they can get some of the items they like for free), and it’s a valuable upselling tool for you as you help them with their order.


I used my wish list in lieu of a catalog during my presentation and then handed out my catalogs at the end of the party, during the shopping portion of the evening. This also supports you with larger orders because as your guests write down the items they like (and without a catalog, they will because it’s the only way they’ll be able to remember what they liked) they get psychologically committed to wanting them as well.


You can get access to these two simple tools (as well as dozens more downloadable, easy-to-implement tools) in my Powerful Tools For Your Direct Sales Business download product. They will support you in getting more bookings and sales from your home parties. Make it your goal to get at least two bookings from every party you do; one to replace the party you’re currently doing, and one to build your business upon. By working just six to eight nights each month, you could easily be in front of over sixty people, giving you a much greater platform from which to sponsor people as well.


What do you think? Are you using any tools to increase your sales and bookings at your parties? I’d love to hear about them below.


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