Take the Challenge: 24 Bookings in 24 Hours

Years ago, when I first started writing this blog, I published a blog post about the 24 hour booking challenge. It’s been one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written and I refer to it often when I get the question (as I often do) “How do I get bookings?” This morning on my Office Hours Group Coaching call we were talking about how to get bookings when your calendar is empty and I referenced it again. I decided it was time to update it and repost it since everyone on the call today seems to be struggling with this issue (so I imagine you may be as well). It’s an amazing idea and if you’re a little shy on the bookings heading into spring, you’ll love it.

This is a fairly simple idea, a wonderful direct sales training tool, and won’t take you a lot of time. Here’s how it works:

Create a list of previous hosts, customers, those who’ve expressed an interest in booking, friends, family, acquaintances, anyone you can think of. Then commit to call EVERYONE on that list. If you get their voice mail, leave the following message:

“Hi, this is ______ from (your company). I was calling to see if you would be interested in being one of my preferred hosts in the next few months. I have a challenge to book 24 parties in 24 hours. I’m booking dates between now and October 31st. If you say yes to booking your party with me in this 24 hours, you’ll be entered to win a $100 shopping spree with (your company). We have a new catalog for you and your friends to shop from. Our host bonuses in the next two months are also awesome so it’s a great time to book a party! Please give me a call back to be one of my preferred hosts. My challenge ends at 6:00 pm on Thursday night. Thank you!”

If you have people who’ve been thinking of booking, this might just inspire them. Why? First and foremost to help you out. The message will hopefully inspire them to want to be a part of YOUR WIN! It just might make them excited to think that they could help you forward your goal. Plus, the chance to win $100.00 in free product won’t hurt, either.

Here’s the biggest reason why she’ll probably call you back (or say yes if she answers). It’s an outrageous, HUGE goal! If you say “I was challenged to book two shows in 24 hours.” people will most likely think, “Let someone else do it.” But 24 bookings requires some buy in, and in my experience (and the experience of dozens of people who have done this and then reported back to me), people will buy in!

And imagine if you got even 12 bookings by utilizing this particular directs sales tool! Go ahead, give it a shot! You might just surprise yourself!

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