3 Simple Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Business Using Online Marketing

LG-Headshot-Circle4x4Have you heard the news? In our ever-increasingly virtual world, it’s easier than ever to use online marketing tools to build a national team and share your products through social media and the internet, host virtual parties where people can bring friends from across town or across the country together, and to mentor and support remote team members, all from the comfort of your home office. While that should sound exciting to you, chances are good all it does is scare the pants off of you and make you feel anxious. I understand because I’ve been there (heck, sometimes, I’m still there). 


Nerves and fear of new things are normal, but I don’t want you to let them keep you from getting on board with the concept of using the power of social media to market and build your business. It’s easier than you might think and it can not only increase your results in every area of your business, but if you learn how to tap into the automation of online marketing, it can free up valuable time for you to focus on your family and other parts of your life. Since I use online marketing for my business, I’m always on the lookout for tools that I know will support you and make it easier for you to succeed online. 


Next Tuesday evening I’m hosting a FREE webinar with my friend and online marketing guru Laurie Girardi. Laurie is a former direct seller, so she understands our industry and the special marketing needs we have. I did a quick interview with her today and got a few simple tips you can start using right away to improve your online marketing. Check these out!


Tip #1 – Marketing is FUN, But You Are Paid to Sell! Make sure people can find you online quickly and easily and (most importantly), drive business you cultivate back to YOU, not your company.


Tip #2 – Marketing is All About Getting People’s Attention. There’s good attention and bad attention. Positivity pulls people in. Negativity drives them away. It also never pays to be pushy. You might get someone interested, but you don’t know how many people you’ll push away in the process.


Tip #3 – Be interesting. Be inspiring. BE YOU! Marketing on social media shouldn’t feel like an interruption or a sales pitch. Good marketing takes time, builds a relationship, adds value, or simply evokes a smile. When you’re top-of mind (in a good way) people will naturally choose to do business with you when they’re ready.


small-headerReady to learn these more bout these tips and a lot more about marketing your business online? Join me and Laurie next week for this awesome LIVE webinar. You can get registered here.

We will offer a replay if you can’t make it live but you must register in order to get the replay link.





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