3 Steps to A Successful Plan for 2015





I’m a planner, and especially around this time of year, I like to do some intensive planning for the coming year, both for my life and for my business. Years ago, I learned a planning formula that completely changed my outlook. It seemed so simple but I still use it to this day and it still completely impacts every other aspect of my planning for the year. I thought I’d share these three steps with you:





Step #1: Identify your core values


These are the values that truly define who you are and what you must have in your life to feel fulfilled and happy and like life is worth living. I generally encourage my clients to identify five. Mine are: Freedom, Connecting/Bonding, Creativity, Self Expression, and Spirituality.


Step #2: Figure out what your “one word” is


This is, essentially, the one word that would define you without any of the other markers you normally use to define you (“who” would you be without any possessions, business, spouse, children, family, pets, etc. Just you, in your body, standing where you are right now. Who are you?) My word for 2015 is “free.”


Step #3: Come up with your theme for 2015


This is an over-riding phrase, feeling, picture, or song for the year. Mine for next year is “Play a wide open game.”


This might seem like stuff you already know that you really don’t need to take the time to do. I promise you, you’re wrong. When you actually consciously focus on the above three areas, the answers you’ll come up with will surprise you. What I know for sure is that by defining the “bigger picture” of who you are and what you hope to create in 2015, the actual nitty-gritty planning process will flow out of that picture with greater clarity and ease. 


I’d love to have you share your one word from step 2 below and feel free to ask any questions as well.


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