4 Steps to Super Star Direct Sales Sharing

4-steps-to-easily-sharingThe key to success in your direct sales/home party plan business is being able to share effectively and comfortably.That’s harder than it sounds for lots of direct sellers, mostly because (in my opinion), they’re sharing from the wrong perspective. I was thinking about this the other day and came up with a simple, four step system for easily and comfortably sharing anything in your direct sales business.

Step #1: Find Your Passion

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, you have to absolutely fall in love with your products, your company, and your opportunity. It’s virtually impossible to share authentically if you don’t do that first. So get very clear about what you love about your products, how the business has made a difference in your life, and why you’re passionate about sharing that with other people.

Step #2: Share Your Story

Once you’ve figured out where your passion lies, you’ll want to share that from your own perspective. What I’ve found is when you share your story honestly from your heart, others truly want to listen to it. I think that’s because, when you make it about yourself and your experience, it takes away their fear that you’re focused on them and whether or not they say yes to whatever you’re offering. So create a compelling, passionate story about your business, products, and opportunity based on your own experience.

Step #3: Ask Questions

In my experience, direct sellers love to talk. It’s one of the reasons we’re good at what we do. And it can also completely sabotage us, because when you’re talking it’s impossible to listen. You can’t possibly share the benefits of your product or opportunity with someone else until you truly know “what’s in it for them.” Maybe what you’re offering can solve their problem or offer them something of value (honestly, it probably can), but you can’t know that for sure until you ask them some questions about their life and find out for sure. So stop vomiting information all over everybody and start listening.

Step #4: Share What They Need

This can only happen if you’re practicing step #3, because you can’t possibly know what they need until you take the time to ask and listen. Once you do know what they need, however, it’s much easier to tailor the information you’re sharing so it’s super relevant to them. If someone shares how overwhelmed they are with their life and how they can’t remember the last time they had five minutes to themselves, you won’t want to lead off when sharing the opportunity talking about how much money they’ll make (no matter what comes next in the flip chart you’re using) or offer to book a party with them so they earn a lot of free stuff. For example, I’m a big believer that about 90% of the sponsoring interview or conversation should be about you asking them questions and them sharing with you, not the other way around, Then at the end, you can honestly and intelligently say, “Here’s how I think this will help you based on what you’ve shared with me.” It’s a huge shift.

So, based on my formula, sharing any part of your business becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Find your passion, tell your story, get curious and learn about the person with whom you’re sharing, and then share with them based on what you’ve learned and what’s best for them. What do you think? Did I miss anything with this formula? Would you add a step?

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