4 Super Summer Themes To Increase Bookings

I love theme parties. They get your host excited about her party at a whole other level than “see how many paying customers you can get to come to your party” and they increase the likelihood that she’ll have a good turnout.

That’s why I always encouraged my hosts to choose a theme, even if it was a simple “Girl’s Night Out” theme. During the summer, I loved theme parties that were seasonal. Here are a few of my favorite summer themes along with a few tips for each:

  • Ice Cream Social Party – Have the host provide all the “fixin’s” for making sundaes – including edible bowls made out of ice cream cones (which you can buy at any grocery store) and let your guests go to it!
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting Party – Ask each guest (on the invitation) to bring their favorite wine in a plain paper sack and have the host provide the cheese. Then do a “blind tasting” and let everyone vote. Whoever brought the winning wine wins a cool prize!
  • Pool or Patio Party – Great for the warm nights of summer. Use a large bowl or bucket full of ice to keep beverages cool and encourage your host to keep it simple with finger food and paper plates.
  • Back Yard BBQ Party – I just received an invitation for one of these in the mail and loved the idea. Who doesn’t like a BBQ in the summer? After everyone’s eaten, they’ll be ready to hear about your products.

These are obviously just a few of my ideas. What about you? What fun themes are you offering your hostesses right now to increase attendance at their summer parties?



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