5 Action Areas of Direct Sales Business Success

success-chalkboardIf you’ve been struggling to figure out “this whole direct sales thing,” let me break it down for you. It’s really very simple.


In order to succeed in your direct sales business, you must master these five areas:


Area #1: Parties and Bookings


The lifeblood of your business. Without bookings, you won’t succeed in your party plan business. Period. Sales, sponsoring, and more bookings all flow from this area and it requires tools for showing others why having their own home party is a great idea.


Area #2: Host Coaching


The host is the catalyst to a successful party, and parties are important (see area 1 above). So a huge part of your job is creating a strong connection and relationship with your hosts and making sure they have all the resources and education they need to make sure their party is successful.


Area #3: Sales


You have a great product. You love it and use it. But are you good at selling it? The key to this area is figuring out how to communicate with people in a supportive way while still holding your own value and belief in your product and company.


Area #4: Sponsoring


In order to make any real money as a direct seller, you have to grow a team of successful representatives. That creates passive income as you support others and make an income based on their efforts. It’s really the thing that makes direct sales so unique, exciting, and frankly, sometimes very frustrating. How you sponsor people into your business and your mindset around building your team are crucial to success in this area.


Area #5: Systems


All of the other 4 areas won’t make you successful if you don’t have a systematic way of working. That means you have to look at not only what you do on a consistent basis, but why you do it and, most importantly, whether or not it’s truly supporting you. Also, if you’re a leader, you have to make sure that virtually everything you do is duplicatable and easy to teach your downline. Without this critical element, you truly won’t succeed as a direct seller.


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