5 Keys to Recruiting Your Direct Sales Host During Host Coaching

-You can have everything in life youHow’s your direct sales recruiting going so far this year? Have you hit your monthly goal? Are you building a great team? If you’re not getting the results you want, I’d like to recommend that you start looking at host coaching as a way to change that.
Did you know, according to the Direct Selling Association, that 75% of all direct sales representatives start out as hosts? If that’s true, sharing your opportunity with your host at the end of your coaching may greatly increase your sponsoring results.


Here are my 5 keys to recruiting your host during your host coaching appointment.




  1.  Whenever possible (and I realize it’s not always possible), meet with your host in person. This will increase your connection and build your relationship faster. Get creative – if your host lives more than 25 miles away, are you going to or through her town on your way to a home party soon? Could you leave early and meet with her on the way?


2.  Make sure you’re creating a connection with your host in the beginning of the appointment. Get curious about her life, and listen to what she shares. There are often recruiting gems to be learned (i.e., she hates her job, she’s struggling with her day care provider, etc.).


3.  Never pre-judge a host or assume that she isn’t interested in hearing about your opportunity. Consider that, even if she may not want to join, chances are great that she knows someone who could really use your business. So just share that with her up front (“This may not be for you but you may know someone for whom this opportunity could truly be an answered prayer”).


4.  Make sure your host leaves the appointment thinking about the possibility of starting her business. I’d say, “I don’t want you to tell me now. I just want you to think about it, and if you decide between now and your party that you would like to give this a try, we’ll turn your party into your kick-off, I’ll give you all the bookings, and you’ll be on your way.”


5.  Finally, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about sharing or worried about coming across as “pushy,” I want to encourage you to simply share from your heart about why you love your job and why you’re passionate about sharing it. The best way to do that is simply to share your story and the stories of the women on your team who’s lives have changed because of your business. If you’re honest and sharing from your heart, it’s impossible for you to come across as “pushy.”


Helping your host understand the benefits of starting your business is a part of your job as a direct sales representative. The key to success in sharing is as simple as speaking from your heart. And anyone can do that. So make the decision right now to start sharing with every single host with whom you work from now on. It’s the easiest way I know to grow your business.


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