5 Tips For Getting Last Minute Bookings

OK WomanSo you’re looking at your home party plan schedule and you realize that you have a few open party dates that are close in (within two weeks) that you would really like to fill. Is it possible to work with a host and have a successful party on such short notice?  Absolutely! I called these close-in dates “Bonus Dates” and I had great success with getting hosts to choose them based on the extra incentives I offered.


It will require that both you and your host work a little harder and faster, but often times these types of home parties are more reliable because people have less time to change their minds and simply get into action to make the party happen. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you’re booking these dates and that once you do, you’re showing up for a room full of fun, last minute guests.


Here are my top 5 tips for making your bonus dates successful:


  1. Make your bonus dates visually interesting so that they stand out and people are curious about them. Use stickers or ribbons and write “Bonus Date” in large letters on the back or side.
  2. Offer extra special product incentives to encourage people to choose your bonus dates. Let your host know you’ll be bringing their special item with you to their party so you don’t end up losing a valuable item to a cancelled party.
  3. Modify Your Host Coaching. Since you won’t have time to meet with your host and do a regular host coaching appointment, make sure you take extra time on the night they book to help them pick a theme, teach them how to get outside orders and any other details they need to know to be successful.
  4. Get the guest list back within 3 days. Even though this party will be a quick turnaround, you still want to make sure you get the guest list back and you mail out the invitations. Emphasize the importance of your host sitting down and creating this list within the next 24 hours and have her e-mail the list to you. This was the only time I also offered to pay for postage, since it made it easier for me to get the list back if they didn’t have to send me postage.
  5. Set up a last minute coaching with your host for a few days before her home party. Put this on your calendar and make sure she knows it’s a requirement. You’ll need to cover last minute details and make sure you remind her to call everyone the day before the party with an enthusiastic reminder about how much fun you’re going to have and how much she’s looking forward to seeing them.


If you take the time to prepare and you’re willing to work harder and faster to help your last minute hosts succeed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how successful your quickly planned home parties can be.


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