Guest Blog: 9 Awesome Ways to Build Your Direct Sales Brand Recognition

Jill-stoverMy guest blogger Jill Stover shares an awesome list of 9 great ideas for getting the word out about your business. Some of them are obvious (although you can't hear them often enough), but a few are really creative ideas that were honestly new to me. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Being with a ground floor company has many perks and many challenges. Being with a seasoned Company does as well. One of the biggest challenges is educating customers on who your company is, what they stand for, and what the products are. In many cases, you may be the first person to introduce them to your company. This is a unique opportunity! Whether you are the first consultant on your block or in your state, here are a few ways that you can easily get your name in front of others and build your own brand recognition.

1. Open Your Mouth

In effort to grow your business and make your business a household name you must tell everyone about it. The most important, but possibly the hardest thing to do for some is approaching people about your new business. If your company isn’t a “new” company it is new to you so be sure to be proud. Make cold calls, tell friends and family. Shout it from the roof tops!

2. Social Media

Using Social Media can be a huge part of your businesses growth. Connect with Bloggers and offer giveaways with their reviews of your products. Find and “like” pages on Facebook that are similar to your business that you can learn from. Offer your somewhat hesitant hostesses or those hostesses that “don’t have time” to party a Facebook party. Let your hostess spread the news about your company for you!

3. Parties and Events

Booking Parties from Parties is a fabulous way to keep your business moving. Events in your local area are great but reaching out of your comfort zone will help grow your team. Don't be afraid to spread your wings.

4. Try Before You Buy

In efforts to get your company name out there, think outside of the box. Send sample packages to those that want to try before they buy. At parties, for those that have skin care, offer a spa treatment and let them try as many products as they can and place more samples in their bag with their order.

5. Connect with Other Direct Sales Consultants

Reach out to other Direct Sales Consultants and offer spa treatments (if you have skin care or spa product line) for guests at their parties. There is no guarantee for a sale or a booking but it gets the company name and your name out there. It also provides a service to the guests and people love to be pampered! It is a special treatment for them for attending the party and they will enjoy it. If you do not have a spa line how about asking if you can come along to assist and then give a short demo of your products JUST to get your name out.

6. Work Together with Leaders From Your Company

Reaching out to Consultants within your own company can be very rewarding and helpful. Work as a team with other leaders and you will see great results. So many times you see leaders compete and I truly believe that puts a damper on each persons business. Work it together and you both will see the results. Share ideas, trainings and support/encourage each other.

7. Subscribe to Life Coaching/Training Websites and Read Positive Motivational Books

You can never get enough training and education for your life and your business. There are many free websites that offer the training. Sign up for any that you can. If you can not make the live call most likely they will have a recorded call to listen in to when you have the time. Share what you learn with others.

8. Make a Goal

This can not be more true. If you set an obtainable goal and adjust your goals accordingly as your business grows you will reap the rewards. Believe in that goal and you will see it happen. Making goals in your business and life will change many things for the better. Write your goals down and see them every day. Watch it happen month after month. It is amazing how this works!

9. Learn about other Direct Sales Businesses

Celadon Road is dedicated to promoting greener healthier and more socially responsible living. In the two years I have been with the company I have learned many things about my shade of green. Learning to be more eco-friendly, encourage others to explore their shade of green and earn money while doing so is just a bonus! I love helping others. Explore your shade of green at and follow me on Facebook at "Celadon Road by Jill Stover." You may see a few examples on my page that will help you with your growing business.

Every business is different. Everyone has their own way but in Direct Sales you need to work one month to build the next 2 months up for success. Every seed you plant today will grow into something huge in the future. You may not see the results right away but it will happen. Patience is a huge part of your Direct Sales business. Good luck!

Jill Stover is currently a Senior Manager for Celadon Road with over 8 years of Direct Sales experience. She is excited to expand her team in every state. She loves sharing the ground floor opportunity with everyone and is looking forward to growing with her team members. She is passionate about guiding her team into the direction they want to go and will give them the proper tools to do so. To learn more about Jill and Celadon Road, please visit Jill on Facebook at or visit her website at



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