Action is the Key in Your Direct Sales Business

DSC_4802 CopyingI start out one of my live direct sales trainings with a story. It’s about a man who is very devout and believes in the power of prayer. He just has one simple prayer: “God, please let me win the lottery.” He prays that prayer every single day for five years. He doesn’t win. He keeps praying. He doesn’t win. He keeps praying.


Finally, at the end of the fifth year, he’s had it. He makes a declaration to God: “If I don’t win the lottery tonight, I’m done! I’ll go out and start spreading the news that you are NOT an awesome God and that you don’t answer prayers.” And suddenly, the heavens open up and he hears a booming voice say, “Help me out. BUY A TICKET!


It’s a funny story with a wickedly serious point. Most direct sellers follow a similar plan. They get lots of training, have great ideas and intentions, make to-do lists, even create schedules and make a business plan of some sort.


But here’s what I’ve noticed, first in my years as an active direct seller and subsequently as a direct sales trainer and coach. The difference between wildly successful direct sellers and those who are either mildly successful or fail is extremely simple. Successful direct sellers do all of the above, and then they do one more crucial thing.


They take action.


See, I told you it was simple. All of the great ideas, training, planning, and intentions in the world won’t bring you a hill of beans if you don’t DO SOMETHING with them. Some of the smartest, brightest, most mediocre people I know could be great if they just took action. Success takes effort. No matter how badly you want something, if you don’t actually act, unless you’re extremely lucky, you probably won’t get it.


And expecting it without taking action is like hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket. You would never even consider doing something that crazy, right?


Not sure what action to take to move forward in your business? A few weeks ago, I wrote another post outlining the 5 action areas upon which you must focus in order to have success in your direct sales business. In case you missed that, you can access it here.


There are dozens of inspired (and inspiring) direct sellers who last month took SERIOUS ACTION and enrolled in my Direct Sales Success Blueprint program. A huge shout out to them. It was a major leap of faith for each and every one of them and I’m quite simply humbled by their commitment to themselves and their businesses and the part I get to play in helping them succeed. I know what’s coming for all of them through this program, as they continue to take action, and it gives me goose bumps.


In case you missed it and aren’t sure what the heck a Direct Sales Success Blueprint program even is, you can learn more here.


So what action will you take TODAY that will begin to move you toward the brilliant success you’ve been planning on achieving in your direct sales business?


What, exactly, will you do? (Feel free to share below. I’m dying to know!)


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