Guest Blog: Attract Vs. Pursue in Your Direct Sales Business

Remember the girl in school who seemed to have it all? For me it was Allison Bassford. She had perfectly bouncy curly hair and braces that held perfectly straight white teeth. Perfect clothes, perfect backpack, perfect voice, perfect attitude, perfect….perfect…perfect. And…I was not so perfect. In fact I wanted to be her SO bad that I would smother her with questions, ideas and all over excitement to coax her into liking me. I was convinced that if she liked me, I would be perfect too.

I bet you would be shocked to find out that Allison Bassford and I are not besties…in fact, I couldn’t even tell you if Allison Bassford would know my name or remember the dorky knobby knee’d girl who wanted so badly to be her.
Some of us have days like this with our businesses. Days where we will pretty much do anything to coax people into buying, hostessing, or joining our teams. We want that acceptance from our fellow consultants for our achievements and we look past the person we are reaching to gain that acceptance. I am as guilty of this as the next person. Sometimes I let my goal get ahead of my real intentions and I have to remind myself that I have a real opportunity in this industry to attract others to my product without pursuing them!

Websters dictionary defines pursue as "To find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish." This is EXACTLY what I am afraid of. I am afraid that the measures I take to obtain or accomplish MY goals are an approach that doesn’t provide long lasting relationships that flourish with my customers, hostesses and team members.

I would much rather look to the word "attract" when it comes to those who could be interested in my product. Websters dictionary defines attract as "To pull to or draw toward oneself or itself." YES! Exactly! This approach allows us to use our genuine excitement to draw others to ourselves because we are focused on how we can help them.

A pursuer might say:

  • "I really need to fill my calendar for July so that I can reach my goal."
  • "I want you all to know about joining my team."

An attractor will say:

  • "I would really love to help you earn FREE and half price items at your party!"
  • "If you think that joining this awesome company might be for you, I would love to spend some time with you so that you can ask all the questions that you have."

This approach relays a message of gratitude and genuine concern for the listener. Perhaps if I tried the approach of an attractor with Allison Bassford in junior high we could have formed a long lasting relationship. But then again…who wants to be perfect!

Meet guest blogger Erin Carey!

Erin has been a leader in the direct sales industry for 4 years and has recently found her niche with Jamberry Nails. During her first month with Jamberry she sponsored 28 new recruits and earned #1 in sales for the entire
company. Erin has a passion for teaching women in the direct sales industry and a hunger to witness their success. You can connect with Erin on her website at or her Facebook Fan Page at




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