Book More Home Parties By Turning a “Maybe” Into A “Yes”


yes-no-womanIn your direct sales business, how many times has someone left one of your home parties “on the fence” about booking a home party of their own? They haven’t exactly said no but they aren’t ready to commit by saying yes. And how many times have you followed up with these leads repeatedly without reaching them until you finally give up, feeling rejected and frustrated?


If you’re like most in the direct sales business, this is a common chain of events. As a direct sales consultant I hated the fact that I let so many bookings walk out the door this way. So I created a direct sales training tool (and I’m going to share it with you today) which virtually eliminated this scenario from my business. Have I got your attention?


This tool is called a think-about-it packet and it’s really exactly what it sounds like. You have someone who is on the fence at a home party and wants a little more time to make up their mind. Instead of just saying, “I’ll follow up with you next week” and then letting them walk out the door, hand them a think-about-it packet.


Here’s the best part of this tool. My think-about-it packets were exactly the same as my host packets. It was always my intention to book a home party with that person when I followed up, and I wanted them to have the packet so they had everything they needed to host their home party. The problem was, when I would ask them if they would take one of my host packets, they usually said no because they were afraid that obligated them to actually book the home party.


So I called them think-about-it packets instead. A rose by any other name, right? And they would almost always take it if I called it a think-about-it packet. Then, if they decided not to book the home party, because they already had outside order forms and catalogs, I could often talk them into at least doing a catalog party.


Here’s how the think-about-it packet works: Before the potential host left, I’d say, “Tell you what, Marilyn. I want to give you some time to think about it. Would you be willing to take one of my think-about-it packets? All you have to do is take some time in the next few days, look over all the benefits, and think about doing a home party. I’ll follow up in a few days by phone.” Here’s the important part. I would say to Marilyn, “Now, I just have three rules for my think-about-it packets.” (These are crucial to the success of this direct sales tool, and I said them pretty much verbatim when I gave them the packet):

  1. Rule number one, you have to actually think about it, for at least a few minutes between now and when I call you.
  2. Rule number two, you have to take my call when I follow up. When can we talk for about five minutes in the next few days? (Set up this time firmly on both your calendars so she’s expecting your call).
  3. Rule number three, if you decide not to book a home party, you have to let me down easy. It’s that simple.

Now, as a direct sales trainer and coach, I believe that people generally do as they’re told. I swear! It’s a pretty amazing phenomenon. So these rules are key because now she understands how to use the packet. More importantly, she’ll take my call (because it was one of the rules) and I gave her permission to say no. By telling her up front she can decide not to book a home party, I take the pressure off of her and she’ll pick up the phone when I call.


I’m telling you, this tool works! I’d say 90% of the time, the people who took my think-about-it packets were there at the time we’d agreed upon and actually answered their phones. And about 75% of the time, they booked a home party. And that, after all, is the name of the game!


So, what do you think of this idea? I’d love to hear your feedback, especially once you use this tool.


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