Change is Good in Your Direct Sales Business!

Chances are good many of you are getting ready to head to your national convention or conference in the next few months. It's an amazing opportunity to connect with others in your company, celebrate your past year as a team, and most importantly, get some great education designed to improve your business. The whole point of that experience is to "shake up your snow globe" a bit and get you thinking in a new direction about your current systems.

Inevitably, you get really fired up about an idea while sitting in the break-out session or listening to the keynote address, then get home and realize that to actually implement that idea is going to require change. More than likely, after a few weeks have passed and the excitement of the live event wears off, you'll be tempted to just keep doing it "the old way" (all the while complaining about the results you're not getting).

Why not get your investment's worth out of your National event this year? Make a plan, be brave, and embrace the motto "Change is good."

At the beginning of my live trainings, I ask the room two simple questions. First I ask if there's anyone in the room who is 100% satisfied with their presentation. No one ever raises their hand. Next, I say "If I could give you a formula for getting everything you've ever wanted from your direct sales business – all the bookings, sponsoring leads, and sales you could ever want –  raise your hand if you would be willing to change what you're currently doing." Not surprisingly, every hand in the room goes up. "Mmm hmm. Sure you would." I think to myself.

If you've ever attended one of my live events, you know the motto "Change is good" is something you learn right away (and repeat often through the course of my training). But here's what I've discovered after almost ten years of training some pretty radically different concepts for how you "do" your home party plan business: even after I've hammered this point home and everyone has agreed to it up front, they still cling to the "old" way of doing things. People just don't like change and they would rather stick with the safe "way we've always done it," than actually go through the discomfort of changing something up.

Convincing an audience who, only an hour before, enthusiastically agreed that they would change whatever they needed to change in order to get the results they want to actually make a change is often a real challenge. Once I read them a few powerful testimonials of others who've had great results doing it the new way, they tend to be a little more open to at least giving it a try, but it's never easy.

Change has been the only constant in my life over the past several years. Heck, those of you who've followed me for any length of time know that I've had no less than three last names in the past six years (and just for the record, I will NEVER, as God is my witness, change my name again. I came in with this name, I'm going out with it!). And, no, it hasn't been easy. Sometimes I've felt like the ground beneath my feet would never stop shifting. And I also know it's been my ability to embrace that motto "Change is good" that's made the past few years such an exhilarating ride.

So while you're packing for your national event, be sure you include an open mind. Because, I promise, change is good. Not necessarily easy, but definitely good.



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