Coaching Your Host is About Effective Communication

Host CoachingOne of the reason I love and have so embraced social media is because it's about building relationships. As direct sellers, that's really what we do for a living. In my opinion, the most important relationship you build in your direct sales business is with your host. For the last few weeks, I've written about getting bookings. This week, I'm going to focus on the one most important thing you can do to get all those bookings to actually hold and turn into successful parties: host coaching.

Let's start at the beginning. I learned very quickly that my success or failure with a host depended greatly upon how I set that host up the night they booked their party with me. If you’re clear with the host about your commitment to them and what they’ll need to do in order to have a successful party, you’ll find your parties holding on their original dates with hosts who are on board and enthusiastic about creating a successful evening for you. (If you're doing creative bookings over the phone or booking virtual parties, this language works just as well.)

You want to communicate three requirements to your new host before she walks out the door:

1.    Set a show date within 30 days from that night if at all possible

2.    Assign the task of completing the guest list and offer an incentive to get it done.

3.    Schedule a date within one week (either over the phone or in person) to pick up the guest list & postage & plan the party. Your language around these three steps is very important. The biggest mistake most representatives make at this point in their relationship with their hosts is not taking control. When you own your power and simply tell them what the plan is instead of asking them for their cooperation, they respect you at a whole different level and your partnership begins. The language is what creates the partnership that will get you the results you want.

If you need the exact scripting for creating this relationship with your host, you migh want to check out my e-book/audio book "Powerful Language for Your Direct Sales Business." It's got 12 scripts that tell you exactly what to say to get the booking, sponsoring, and sales results you've always dreamed of in your direct sales business.


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