Guest Blog: 5 Simple Tips for Connecting With Guests at Your Home Parties

Cari-kempIn her guest post today, Cari Kemp shares five simple and effective ways to make that all important connection with your guests during your home party. I love the detail Cari uses for each tip. Use just a few of these at your next home party and watch what happens to your results.

In home parties are a large part of many direct sales programs. Connecting with your guests at these parties is an important part of having a successful show and booking additional shows. From the moment you walk into a home you should not only be putting your best foot forward, you should also be putting your guests first. 

Here are some of my best tips for how to make that connection at your next party:

1. Greet Guests at the Door 

If you have time, help your hostess by answering the door for her while she talks with guests that have already arrived.  This gives you time to interact with each guest individually, introduce yourself, and help make party-throwing look stress free for the hostess. 

2. Use Names 

There are several ways to incorporate names into your presentation, but doing so will help you immensely as everyone enjoys hearing their name.  Here are some tricks you can use to become an expert at remembering names:

  • Repetition- repeating someone's name will help with memory.
  • Play an introduction game- You can make games specific to your product, have your guests use the first letter of their name, or add introductions to any game that you may play already.  Ex: My name is Cari and I like making cupcakes. My name is Mary and I like making macarroons. 
  • Name association- many times you can make quick associations with names, such as thinking of something that reminds you of someone or something based on a customer’s appearance.  A customer named Robin may be wearing a red shirt. Barbara might have blonde hair (like many Barbie dolls do). It may be personal to you, as someone may have the same name as a sister or friend which can help you remember too.
  • Name Tags- Having guests make name tags is by far the easiest way to look like a name wizard.  You can make them simple by having them write their given name, or have them make up an appropriate name like a celebrity chef name, or a jewelry diva name.
  • Seating chart- Another simple solution is to write names down. You could easily incorporate this into an introduction game, or make notes about guests as you’re welcoming them into the home. 

3. Involve Your Guests

Show your guests how important they are by utilizing them in your presentation. Product demonstration is the heart of why in home parties work so well. Customers are much more likely to purchase a product that they have seen, felt, smelled, and tasted in person. An in home show can quickly become long and boring with someone telling you how fabulous a product line is to use. Let your customers use it themselves whenever possible.

  • Your hostess probably already loves your products. Have her help with demonstrations. (After the party, you can tell her what a great job she did and talk to her about the business!)
  • Guests may have tried products before, and can provide testimony. You can incourage this by offering tickets to a door prize raffle for a product endorcement, or by making it fun to do so- I use clappers at my parties to encourage product endorcements. 

4. Provide a Personalized Consultation 

We all know which products are our personal favorites, but these products may not be the best choice for every customer. Ask your customer about their lives and their needs to find out what products will best meet them. 

5. Let the Party Roll Like They Want it to Roll 

This is an important and often overlooked part of party planning. I’ve heard numerous stories of direct sellers telling guests they couldn’t drink alcohol at parties, telling guests to be quiet so they could pay attention to the presentation, rushing guests through a presentation when the guests had more questions. 

  • Talk to your hostess before the show to ensure that her expectations are met.
  • Learn more about her guests both before and during the show.
  • Ask her about the last sales show she went to, and what she liked or disliked about the experience. This will help you tailor your show to meet the needs of your hostess as well as her guests. 

You may find that by connecting with your guests at your in home shows will make them more enjoyable for you and for your guests. With practice, this will help you increase your sales, your bookings, and help you add new members to your team. Enjoy!

Cari Kemp is a director with Pure Romance. She has been educating women about sexual health for 6 years, is currently a President's Club member and has earned trips to Florida and to the Bahamas. Cari lives in north Texas with her husband of 13 years. You can check out her website at or connect with her on her Facebook fan page at



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