Cool Lessons All Businesses Can Learn From The Direct Sales Model

Let’s face it. Direct sales is the most misunderstood business model out there. Most “serious” business people simply don’t take direct sales seriously. Since I’ve been working and training in this industry for over 15 years, I know it can provide a serious income and awesome lifestyle for those who choose to work it like a REAL business. Yes, direct selling is a little different compared to most other business models, but at the same time, it shares a lot of the same processes and values. In order to be successful in our industry, you have to understand these basics. In fact, I think that business owners could learn a lot by looking at direct sales and understanding how this particular market works.


Let’s look at some of the best lessons direct sales teaches us.


Name Matters


Let’s start with the importance of name and brand. You need to understand that without the name they are using, direct selling simply wouldn’t work. If customers don’t know your product and can’t find info about it online, how can you sell it? If you’re just starting an online business and selling a product without the benefit of a recognizable name and company brand behind you, you’ll have to push to make a name for yourself and find customers. So having an already established product brand is particularly important to direct sellers. Buyers also need to trust that the brand they are buying is worth something and is valuable. That’s why direct sales companies often use businesses like Secure Your Trademark to ensure they retain legal rights over the name. They know it’s crucial in the sale of the product, as it is in most business models.


One Employee Can Make All The Difference


If you’ve worked a direct sales business for any length of time at all, you know that there are different levels of success in this industry. Some people make a fortune while others make a more reasonable amount selling the product. And a large population of direct sellers never succeed at all. The difference depends on the seller themselves. A direct sales individual is essentially running their own small company, but they are also part of a larger corporation. How does this correlate to regular business? The top 10% of representatives in direct sales companies show exactly what one great employee can do for any business. I don’t think employers should ever underestimate the value of one key employee. They always have an impact on the market, no matter what their role is.


Online Marketing Isn’t The Future, It’s The Present


You can probably tell by my blog that I absolutely adore the opportunities that online marketing allows. But I know a lot of direct sellers who feel exactly the same way. Rather than going from door to door or relying solely on speaking to family members or friends like we had to do just five short years ago, they build up followers online. Followers can then become customers if you learn how to build relationships with them, and customers translate into huge profits. In the past few years, online parties have also become “all the rage” because everyone is online and our busy lifestyle makes it easier to jump on an online party than attend a live one. If there are still business owners who are avoiding online marketing, direct selling proves it’s time to get on board. There is no better way to promote and market a product as well as find new customers.


Never Bite Off More Than You Can Handle
Some direct sellers invest in massive supplies of a product and then find they can’t sell them fast enough. It’s an issue but it’s one that’s present in every business model. People get too greedy and try to expand before they’ve really made a name for themselves. It’s one of the reasons why so many businesses fail in the first year. Owners need to learn to grow their companies slowly with the demand, and this is a key lesson they can learn from direct sellers. Business basics are the same for everyone and you can’t move faster than your growth allows. Get the foundation in place in your business, work it consistently, and success will follow.

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