Direct Sales By The Numbers – A Formula For Success

Percentage-signI’ve noticed that I write quite a bit here about where and how you spend your time in your direct sales business – how to manage your time so you have a successful business while still maintaining the harmony in your life. That’s because it’s the single most frustrating thing about working from home. I’ve broken down the direct sales time commitment into a formula for you. Hopefully this will help you see where you’re not on track (and where you are).


Here’s my formula for a successful direct sales business:




60% Money Making Activities


These are things that have a high probability of producing income for you. We’re talking the ACTIONS that will bring you business success. This includes (but isn’t limited to)

  • Sales
  • Bookings
  • Parties
  • Sponsoring


20% Preparation and Planning


I do yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and sometimes daily planning. It’s the most important time I spend on my business (but notice its only 20% of the time I spend). You should also include team management in this piece of the pie. This allows you to solidify the foundation of your business so your long term outlook is more profitable.


10% Administrative Tasks


By administrative, I mean anything that you do in support of your business that does not directly make you money. Pay attention to this category. My guess is you struggle to keep this from eating up less than 50% of your time, let alone 10%. I know it’s the biggest issue I face. Nothing pulls me down a rabbit hole quicker than things like banking, e-mail, my website, etc. All are important to my overall business success, but none are income producing.


10% Raise-the-Bar Service


These are those extra touches that make you stand out in the crowd in your community, company, and industry. Do you send hand written thank you notes to your hosts or make customer service calls to your party guests once they receive their products? How about sending birthday cards to your hosts and customers? What are you doing to build long-term relationships with super service to your representatives, hosts and customers? Take some time this week and really think about that (and what you could be doing better or differently)


That’s my “formula” for how and where to spend your time in your direct sales business. Some weeks you’ll do really well at sticking with this formula, and some weeks you’ll completely suck at it. Just make sure you’re aware of it and that you at least attempt to follow it most of the time. It will truly make a huge impact and difference in your business.


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