Direct Sales Phone Phobia is Only A Matter of Mindset

Woman-on-phone-smilingDuring a coaching call last month with one of my Direct Sales Leadership Accelerator Coaching clients, we were tackling the topic of phone-phobia. She was sharing the typical concerns about picking up the phone – she was afraid she was bothering people, she felt uncomfortable, etc. I asked her if there was ever a time when she felt comfortable picking up the phone to get orders or bookings. Then my client shared that in the past week, she’d had great success with both because she was promoting a charity event.


I asked her what the difference was. What was it that made her feel comfortable on those calls? She said normally, when she was making calls for her business, she felt selfish because she was asking them to do something to support her, that would put money in her pocket. With the calls for her charity event, however, it had been easy because the proceeds from that event were going to support a cause she believed in.


So, I asked her, what’s wrong with believing in yourself at that same level? What if you believed that your business was a worthy cause and that the value you bring to your hosts and guests by offering your products and services was a gift? Would that change things for you?


She had a huge breakthrough. Her words to me: It’s just a mindset shift. These calls are no different. I can choose to believe that I’m being selfish or choose to believe that I’m offering something of value. The reason for the call doesn’t change!


So the simple mindset shift that might make picking up the phone easier for you? Think of your host as your charity event, and the benefits to her a gift. I think it’s a brilliant idea. What about you?


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