How Direct Sales Systems Serve You

puzzleI'm a systems fanatic. I tend to have systems for just about everything. That's why it was so natural, when I started my direct sales business, for me to create systems that supported me there as well. I didn't start out using a systematic approach and the chaos it caused just about derailed my whole life and business. But once I figured out the way to do my business, everything sort of fell into place. It wasn't always perfect, but most of the time I knew what to do, and how and when to do it, because I'd set up some clear systems.


Here are the main systems you have to make sure you have in place in your direct sales business.


Tracking Systems


There is a ton of information you need to track on a daily basis in your direct sales business. You need to keep track of your host information and follow up, your party information and follow up, phone calls, banking, e-mails and phone messages. The list is long and if you don't get it under control early on, you'll feel like Dorothy in the middle of the tornado, wondering what to grab onto first. Take some time and set up some clear systems for keeping track of your information in these key areas of your business.


A Follow-up System


The fortune is in the follow up, right? So you've got to make sure you've got a way to remind yourself to make those follow up calls and that you know what you talked about the last time you called. A good system will give you a place to take notes on your progress with the person with whom you're following up and remind you every time you're supposed to make a connection.


Systems for your Party


You have a lot to remember when you do a party. What are you taking, how are you setting up, what will you say and do during your presentation, not to mention how you take orders, gather guest information, and interact with your host and guests. The more systematic your approach to all of these things, the more relaxed and effective you'll be at your parties. Make a list of everything you need to track and set up a clear system for how you do that every single time. Once it's done, your job will become much easier.


These are the main areas where systems will support you in your direct sales business. With a little investment of time to get some systems set up, you'll find yourself enjoying your business more and stressing out less.


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