Do You Assault People in the Grocery Store Line?

Grocrey StoreRecently, I received a question through the Facebook business page regarding how to do a 30 second commercial for a grocery store line or when you are out and about. I’ll tell you what I told her – I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a huge proponent of those types of interactions with complete strangers unless someone has asked about what you do (because you’re wearing clothing with your company name and logo or it has come up in casual conversation). I think the odds of getting someone to actually say “yes” in any other circumstance are very low, and the odds of both of you feeling really uncomfortable are very high.

That being said, if it comes up, here are some things that what worked for me:


  • Make sure you always have a business card
  • Make sure you always have a catalog with your information on the back with you and let them walk away with that as well as your card
  • Let them know that you do a monthly drawing and would love to enter them into that
  • Visit with them about booking a party


Not only did I give them a business card and a catalog, but I got their information as well (writing it on the back of one of my cards if I had to) and made sure they were okay with having me follow up with them in a few days. That way, since they’re probably not equipped to book a party right there on the spot and you both may be in a hurry, you can comfortably follow up.


While these types of interactions probably won’t be frequent for you, if you’re prepared they can lead to some great business opportunities. 


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