Don’t Panic…Okay, Maybe It’s Time To Panic.

holidaynotholimonthIt’s November 30th. Tomorrow we step into one of the busiest months of the year personally but after the first week or so of December, it’s a slow business month. Most direct sellers take the last three weeks of December off because of this inactivity. The problem with taking what I call a “holimonth” instead of a holiday is that, come January, you may just find that you have no business to come back to.


It’s important to make sure you’re booking yourself solid for January in November and early December. But once you’ve done that, do you have any options besides just taking two weeks off at the end of December? Absolutely!


Remember all those business activities you’ve been saying you didn’t have time for all year (like personal development, follow up calls, and planning)? Well, now you’ve got two weeks spread out in front of you like a gift. Grab it and rip it open!


Here are just a few ideas for how you might spend your work hours over the next few weeks.


I’ll start with some ideas for leaders (and just FYI, if you’re a leader, this is a great opportunity to get yourself and your team set up for success in 2013!)


  • Plan all of your meetings for 2017 (need help? Our “Smart Leader’s Monthly Meeting Planning System” will give you complete outlines and trainings for 12 monthly meetings. Check it out here.) You can even include your team or downline leaders if you have them in your planning time. Throw a small party, put some cookies and coffee out, and have fun! You’ll be surprised at how quickly this task will go when you’re brain storming with others. 
  • Take a half day and call all of your downline leaders and direct downline to check in and learn how you can support them with their goals for 2013. 
  • Make a recording (you can use Audio Acrobat or for your entire team giving them ideas for how to succeed in the new year.Consider sharing with them:
    • Some fun ideas for theme shows in the coming month, complete with a themed invitation e-mailed to them
    • An overview of the host bonuses for the following month
    • A quick recognition of those on your team who are new consultants
    • A booking incentive (like a drawing for a great item from your line)

If you’re not yet a leader, here are some great ideas for using your time at the end of December:

  • Call all of your September, October, November and December guests and make sure they’re happy with their products. Come armed with some great reasons to host a party in January and make it your goal to book at least three parties.
  • Commit to listen to/read at least one training program related to your business and write down at least three ideas you want to implement based on that training (and just in time for you to do this, I’m hosting a free webinar tomorrow, Thursday, December 1st called “Cracking the January Code – 3 Simple Steps For Successfully Working Your Business In December So You Have An Awesome Month In January” Click here to register for the live webinar or to receive the replay in case you can’t make it live.
  • Set up and launch a “Host of the Month” club. Here’s a simple format:

    • 12 participants are required, 1 Hostess for each month of the year.
    • Each hostess is required to place a minimum order each month (determined by your minimum qualifying show total divided by 11).
    • Each member will have one month assigned to her as Hostess of the Month at the beginning of the year.
    • The Hostess of the Month will receive ALL Hostess rewards for her month.
    • If the Hostess of the Month decides to have a personal Home Party in her month, she will have the Monthly Hostess Club funds applied to her party! She begins with at least the amount of orders she has as the host of the month, thereby increasing her Home Party sales & Hostess Rewards!
These are just a few ideas. Most importantly, make sure whatever you’re doing, you’re doing something! Taking two full weeks off at any time of the year just isn’t healthy for a thriving business. You owe it to yourself to at least work part time during the last two weeks of December so that you have a business to come back to in January.

Need a little help with your plan for what to do to kick off your January with a strong business? Click here to sign up for my free webinar and make the most of the final two weeks of December.


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