7 Steps To Earning Your Direct Sales Company Incentive Trip

happy woman with colorful cocktailOne of the best things about the direct sales industry is the opportunity you as a representative have to take a fabulous, top-drawer, all expense paid vacation every single year. It's called an incentive trip, and you have the opportunity to build your business while you earn it. It's truly a win-win for you and your company.


But the time to start working on earning that trip is right now. I've laid out my own 7-step plan for working consistently over the course of the next several months so that you're boarding a plane taking a much deserved vacation this year with the rest of the "super stars" in your company.


Here are my top 7 steps for earning your company incentive trip.


1. Choose The Level You’ll Shoot For – Most companies give you several options for earning your trip, from just accommodations for you to full airfare and accommodations for you and your family, with several levels in between. Decide what you believe is possible and then map out how many parties and new team members you'll have to add each month to reach your goal.


And just a note: If you’re thinking about choosing one of the lower levels, I want you to ask yourself what you’re truly capable of and what it’s worth to you. Your answer may change (and I'd love it if you stretch yourself a little beyond what you think you can do).


2. Decide How Many New Consultants You’ll Sponsor – As you’re earning the trip, you’re growing a thriving business and getting rewarded for it. I always recommend that you shoot for more new team members than you actually need to earn your trip. That way, you have a built in safety net.


3. Break it down – Figure out how many people you’ll sponsor each month and then make absolutely sure that those you’re sponsoring are getting qualified. That means working with them to get them moving right away with booking son their calendar. If you don't have a clear plan for doing that, click here to purchase our "Strong Start" program. It's instantly delivered as a downloadable MP3 file and will lay out a simple, step-by-step system for starting out new representatives. And it's only $29.95.


4. Use the Incentive Trip to Earn the Incentive Trip – Your company has probably chosen a pretty cool destination for your trip (usually somewhere warm during the winter). You can use that as a great incentive to sponsor others who might be interested in joining you on your vacation! Here are a few ways I did this:


• Make the incentive trip a part of your opportunity commercial (and talk about your excitement about where you're going)
• Put the incentive trip destination as well as a photo of the resort/cruise ship/etc. in your e-mail signature block
• If you’re a leader, make it the “culture” in your organization to earn the incentive trip every year.

5. Track Your Progress – Reward yourself for each small victory as you work toward your trip. Make sure you decide up front what your reward will be for each item, so you can see the carrot dangling as you're working toward the bigger prize. Here’s an example of some of the actions you could consider rewarding yourself for:


• Made at least 5 phone calls each week to either book or sponsor
• Scheduled at least 1 sponsoring interview each week
• Did at least 2 parties each week
• Sponsored at least 1 new person each month


6. Create a Vivid Visualization – Visualize at least once a day, preferably twice a day (right before you go to sleep at night and as soon as you wake up in the morning). Imagine what it will feel like to step onto that cruise ship or sip a cool cocktail on a warm beach. Close your eyes and really feel the feelings of already being there, even if it's just for a minute or two a day.


7. Encourage Your Downline Using all of Your Tips and Tools – As a leader, you have to lead by example. Make sure your team knows that you intend to earn the trip and you would love to take the vacation right along with your entire team. Use team incentives and events that are geared specifically toward the incentive trip like:


• Booking Blitz Nights
• Opportunity Events


Bottom line: you have to employ a systematic, intentional plan now if you want to be dipping your toes in the warm sand this year, compliments of your company! 


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