vimeoVimeo Video Hosting

Simple, clean video hosting for about sixty bucks a YEAR! Can’t beat that!



The easiest, most affordable way to manage your schedule (It’s literally like a personal assistant for about $50.00 per YEAR!)


Is your team virtual? If so, you won’t believe how powerful this program is for hosting virtual meetings, virtual training, and document sharing. If you work with anyone on a virtual level, you need this tool


Custom signatures to rock your business!

theclientangelThe Client Angel

This is your one stop resource for keeping those current and prospective customers coming back for more!! The Client Angel is a powerful sales management tool that enables you to store and manage your current and prospective customer information, track sales, create and manage events, and maintain reminders all in one database.The Client Angel gives you the edge needed to keep your business in front of your customer -all while creating that personal relationship that will help your business grow. www.TheClientAngel.com

audioAudio Acrobat

Record phone calls, trainings, even recorded emails for your team.


istockIstock Photos

Use pictures on your blog or Pinterest? Did you know just because you found it on Google Images, it’s not necessarily okay for you to use it? I didn’t until I ended up in hot water over a blog photo and had to hire a lawyer! YIKES! Avoid that scare and buy the rights to thousands of royalty photos on iStock (for an average of $3.00 – $8.00 per pic). Trust me, the peace of mind is worth it! www.iStockPhoto.com


Do you want an amazing way to train and mentor your team at an incredibly affordable rate? This is the same platform I use for my Direct Sales Virtual Academy and it’ literally allowed me to “clone” myself for my clients. www.Jigsawbox.com

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