Not Back to School but Forward to What’s Next!



It's almost time for back to school. Depending upon the day, that's either a heartache or a relief for me. My oldest Sam took off for his second year at The University of Idaho last week and my "baby" Eli will be a junior at Walla Walla High School this year. He's been working at his first job this summer and will continue that into the school year while he balances AP classes and his role as the Snare Captain of the drum line for marching band. Both of my boys (that's them on the left) have expressed to me that they feel renewed, refreshed, and are hitting the ground running with a fresh start and some big goals for this year.


That got me thinking about this time of year for direct sellers and how important it is to make the same transition in your business that your kids are making as they head off to a new school year. Since September hasn't hit us yet, I'd like to invite you to take some time and answer the following questions about your direct sales business and where you're headed as we transition into the final 1/3 of the year: 


Here are some questions that will get you started:

  • What are your goals for the next four months?
  • How much income will you earn?
  • How many parties will it take to reach your goal?
  • How many new team members will you need to bring onto your team?
  • What will you commit to daily to reach your goal? Weekly? Monthly?
  • Finally, how will you feel once you hit it? (Really define this – it's probably the most important item on this list)

Just like the syllabi your kids are bringing home with outlines of assignments and project for the next semester in each class, this list will help you create your own syllabus for success in your direct sales business. I'd love to have you share your goals and action steps below.


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