From Information Delivery to Information Gathering

Colorful-question-markLast week I wrote a blog post about a new way to conduct a direct sales recruiting interview. It focused on getting as much information about the prospects’ needs as possible and then sharing your opportunity from the perspective of “what’s in it for them.” I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on that post, and it was a real eye opener for lots of you.


As direct sellers, it’s natural for us to want to share our enthusiasm for our business opportunity, our products, our party experience, and our companies. While I completely agree that this is a very important skill for you to master, unfortunately it can too often lead to information overload for the person with whom we’re sharing, especially if this is where you start. Even though it comes from your best intentions, the need to tell people everything you possibly can about your business is most likely sabotaging your success as a direct seller.


I’d like to encourage you to think about your intention for sharing, whether it be about your opportunity, your products, or booking a direct sales home party with you. I would hope that you’re sharing because you truly believe what you’re offering could impact that person’s life in a positive way. If that’s the case, doesn’t it serve you to find out exactly how that might happen? The only way to do that is to move from information delivery to information gathering when you share.


If you start by asking questions and determining exactly why the other person could use what you’re offering, you can deliver your information in a much more relevant and comfortable way for both of you. Start by asking questions and really listen to what they’re sharing. Then you can tailor your delivery to their needs, not yours.


This is generally easier said than done, because as human beings we’re usually much more concerned with our own needs and agenda, whether we choose to admit that or not. So I want to invite you to get amnesia about your own life and needs, even what you see as possible for the person with whom you’re talking, and focus like a laser beam on what they need and want. And once you’re sure you’re really clear about that, share only what’s relevant to them and nothing else.


It’s a small shift that will produce huge results in your business as well as your life.


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