Good is Not Enough in Your Direct Sales Business

“Just when I figured out all the answers, someone changed the questions” ~Unknown


How are you feeling about your direct sales business at the moment. If you just returned from your national conference or convention, you might feel like you’ve got a little (or a lot of) work to do. The beauty of your national event is that it shakes up your snow globe and lets you see that you really do still have a lot to learn.


I make it a personal business practice never to rest on my laurels. In the past six years I’ve completely transformed my business from a strictly coaching and live training model to a mostly internet/social media based model. And every day (and I mean every single day), I learn something new that either changes the way I currently do something or gives me an idea of something else I want to do when I make the time to develop it.


There’s never been a more exciting time to be alive. The world is changing at an extremely fast rate, and you can either let that frighten you or exhilarate you. I choose the latter. I believe you’re either growing or dying, and that if you settle for good enough, you’re missing out. Things change fast and you have to be willing to change with them. Often times when you do that, you’ll find a whole new way of working that improves the quality of your life. In the past few years, I’ve watched as virtual parties have become more and more popular in our industry. There are some representatives now that do nothing but virtual parties. Those who are willing to embrace this new way of reaching potential customers, hosts, and new team members have begun to grow their businesses quickly and more easily then they ever imagined they would.


So my challenge to you is to look at every aspect of your direct sales business and decide how you’ll update and/or change the way you’re currently doing things. How could you make it better? Who could support you in making these changes? When will you take action on them?


The truth is, the moment you settle, you begin to get lazy and your business begins to die on the vine instead of blooming and growing. Keep striving to be better and never settle for good enough, in your business or your life. As a friend of mine says, “When great is possible, good is not enough.” 


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