Guest Blog: 5 Simple Steps to Great Direct Sales Customer Service

Jessica-cloughToday's guest post by Jessica Clough speaks to one of the most important aspects of direct sales…customer service. Anything you hope to accomplish in your direct sales business begins with this all important skill. I think you'll like Jessicas 5 simple steps and I'm betting you'll get a few new ideas for creative ways to make your customers feel important (I know I did).

Thank you, Julie Anne Jones, for allowing me to be your guest blogger today!  I am thrilled to share with all of you an area in Direct Sales that, in my opinion, is one of the most important components in a successful business.

Providing great Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of any business.  Customer service is essentially what can make or break your business.  When providing great customer service, you will have a customer for life.   If you provide poor customer service, your business could essentially fail as a result.   Below are some important things that I do as part of my Scentsy business to provide GREAT customer service:

  1. Write a Thank You note for all orders.  Whether it’s a $5 order or a $100 order, it is important to thank the customer for placing their order.   A handwritten Thank You note goes a long way, makes a great impression, and shows that you appreciate them and their business.  If possible, try to avoid sending text messages, an email or a private message through Facebook.
  2. Smile and Dial.  Call your customers at least once per month to see how they are enjoying their products and ensure they are 100% satisfied with their purchase.   A personal phone call also helps develop a great rapport between you and your customer. 
  3. Send a card for no reason.  Is their birthday is coming up?  Are they getting married soon?  Just had a baby?  Important life event?  That is when you want to reach out to say you are thinking of them.   Remember times that are important to them by recognizing their special events, not your own personal business specials. 
  4. Every Holiday season, I send my top customers a Holiday card with a personal message and a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be big, just something to let them know you appreciate their business and look forward to a continued partnership.
  5. Recently I started something that I like to call Thankful Thursdays.  I recognize one customer on that day and do something special for them, something to show that I am thankful and appreciate their business.  Bring them a cup of coffee, pick a bouquet of flowers, or send a card.  The little things are what make a big impact on our customers and this is one small way to provide great customer service and show you value them.

These are just a few key ways I use to provide excellent customer service to my customers.  We all know customers want to be acknowledged and feel appreciated.  By providing great customer service to them, you are not only showing your gratitude and appreciation but you are also creating a rapport with them and are gaining a new friend and customer for life!

Jessica Clough is a blogger, stay-at-home mom and Independent Scentsy Family Director. Jessica’s exceptional Customer Service skills have helped her promote six times in five months, earn two incentive trips, earn countless award recognitions and build a team of almost 130 in two years.  Jessica’s proven customer service skills have helped her not only succeed in her business but help others as well. You can visit Jessica’s website at or her Facebook Fan Page by searching Facebook for "Scentsy Facebook Fan Page."



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