Guest Blog: 15 Minutes to Building Your Direct Sales Business

Time… there is never enough, or so it seems. As a woman, juggling as many hats as we wear can be an extreme challenge. I find planning is the key to maintaining my sanity. My life is very active, I work full time, have 6 very involved children, 5 who are teenagers, (so yes prayers are welcomed). On top of that, I am building a new direct sales business. Crazy right?

Let’s take a peek at how I organize my month, weeks, and days.

Monthly Calendar

  • Cross off any days you don’t want to work your direct sales business. Remember you need to keep control of your calendar.
  • Add all of your personal appointments, parties, kids events etc.
  • Star any dates you want to work your direct sales business. Keep these star dates in your head and focus on filling those dates.
  • Schedule when you need to create and mail out invites for parties.

So this is basically what my monthly calendar looks like. Now each Sunday night I sit down with my running to do list and my monthly calendar and create a weekly/daily calendar. I love using a printable weekly calendar that has each hour split out in 15 minute segments. Here is a link for printable calendars: There are many electronic versions as well. Your phone calendar, Google calendar, Outlook, etc. Whatever you use is fine, just use something!

Weekly/Daily Calendar

  • Take the calendar and fill in your biggest chunks of time first. For example: I work a full time job so from 6 am-3:00 pm is blocked off Sunday-Thursday.
  • Fill in other appointments, commitments and events. Don’t forget your travel times!
  • Write in your parties. I like to schedule 2 hours for my parties, 30 minutes for set up and whatever travel time I will need to get to my party.
  • Don’t forget to schedule these activities and the like:
    • Supper times including prep and cooking time
    • Grocery shopping
    • Facebook/Email
    • Gym
    • Date night
    • Movie night with the kids
    • Clean off my desk/reorganize
    • Pay bills

Do you have a whole hour to devote to your business? Here is where I find 15 minute segments helpful. I find it easier to work on my business 15 minutes at a time. Search your calendar for empty 15 minute segments.

I have 4 areas that I break down into these 15 minute blocks. These areas are:

  • Hostess Coaching
  • Follow Up
    • Customers
    • Recruits/Leads
  • Team Building
  • Professional Development
    • Reading Articles
    • Training Seminars

Scheduling this way is easier now that you can see where you can fit your 15 minutes into your calendar. This break down of your day partners well with your to-do list, and allows you to zero in on those available times to get these items accomplished.

This whole schedule thing might seem overwhelming and time consuming, but how many of us have said “Oops I forgot to mail out those invites” or “Oops It’s too late to call that hostess now” or “Wow I haven’t accomplished anything today but I spent 3 hours on Facebook and my desk is super clean.” If you have ever said one of these things or you are finding you don’t know where all your time went, give this calendar management a try. Print out 4 weeks of weekly calendars and get scheduling!
Stay focused, and stay with the solution! Take time each day to plan your work and work your plan!

Meet guest blogger PeggySue Lee!

PeggySue found her passion in direct sales 10 years ago. Just eight months ago, she joined and began selling for Jamberry Nails. Since then, she has consistently been in the Top 10 in her company. She was recognized at the first national conference for also achieving 2nd in sales for April. In May, just 6 months after joining, she promoted to Director. With a passion for teaching, she leads one of the fastest growing teams in Wisconsin. You can connect with PeggySue on Facebook at: or visit her website at: