Guest Blog: Belief is The Secret To Success in Direct Sales

I believe the secret ingredient to success in direct sales is belief. You must have belief in your company, your product, and most of all yourself. There's a great moment in the movie "Kung Fu Panda" that relates to belief. Po, the Panda and main character, had little self-confidence. His father dreamed of Po being a noodle maker. However, Po didn’t believe he fit in the noodle business; he thought he had another destiny.

One day his father just about released his own secret ingredient to the success of his Noodle business to his son. But Po ran off before he was able to share it. Po ended up in a place where he was chosen to be the Dragon Warrior who was to protect the palace from the enemy. His kung fu trainer did not believe that lazy Po could do kung fu. Then, Master told Po’s trainer to let go of the illusion of control. Master encouraged him to guide and nurture Po and to believe in him. Po trained hard for days and days despite wanting to just eat and slow down and finally, he gave up and went back home to his father. His father was excited and believed that Po’s destiny was to be a noodle maker after all. Now was the time to share the secret ingredient.

In a pivotal moment in the movie, his father said, “…it is nothing. You just have to believe it is special. It’s all in the mind.” In that moment, Po knew that he had a destiny and his belief in himself was solidified. He dashed back to the palace and became the Dragon Warrior. He triumphed by having built his skill set and belief.

Let’s relate this to a direct sales business. First, you must believe that you can reach your destiny (goal). Then you must persevere and not give up. Finally, you have to put yourself into action. You must practice the skills to make yourself better.

When sharing your business opportunity, people want to believe that they can do what you do. They may have many reasons for joining your team, from financial freedom to time freedom, the social aspect of your business, personal growth, recognition, or even the idea of getting a discount on your product. Visuals help people believe it's possible to have what you have and it's a great way of sharing your belief with them. I take a “why” bag or treasure chest to my parties. I have visuals that represent my reasons for being in business. Here are some examples:

  • A calendar/datebook page—I work when I want to work.
  • Play money – Income
  • A store receipt—guilt-free shopping
  • My conference name tag—recognition, training
  • A duster—I use my money to pay for a cleaning service
  • Memorabilia—winning a trip

So get your goal firmly set and believe that it's possible, stay the course and don't give up, and make sure you're taking action and improving your skills every single day. This will solidify your belief and lead to ultimate success in your direct sales business.

Meet Guest Blogger Christine Beriage

Christie has been a direct seller for over fourteen years, first as a Senior Director and Advisory Board Member with Let's Do Tea. She was also a Top New Manager in her Region with Tupperware. Christine is currently an Independent Wellness Leader, top earner, and in the Founding Leadership Circle with Union Springs. You can connect with her at