Guest Blog: The Top 3 Reasons I Love Direct Sales Fundraisers

Fundraising is something a lot of people in direct sales never think about or don't think is beneficial to their business. If that's what you think, you're dead wrong. Here are the top three reasons why I love doing fundraisers:

Reason #1: You Get While You Give

Fundraising is great way to give back to your community and get your name out there. A lot of direct sales representatives think "I would like to give back more through fundraisers, but for the time it takes I don't see the benefits." Any time you start any business you are going to have to outlay capital and time to build your business. Fundraising is no different; you are giving away all or part of your commission in return for getting your name out there and building your client base. If you have taken care of your customers during your fundraiser, you are building repeat business and you aren't sharing your commission on that future business. It goes without saying that if they have had a positive experience for their charity and good customer service, you are building a lifelong customer. Couple that with the fact that they will share their experience with friends and family, it is easy to see how one fundraiser done right can grow your business.

Reason #2: You Can Increase Your Paycheck

There is no rule that says you have to give away all of your commission to the fundraiser. Several consultants I know do a staggered payout to their fundraisers. For example, it might be 15% on the first $1,000 in sales and 25% after that. This gives them incentive to get the word out to friends and family to get the volume up, which in turn is more potential business for you. You also have to take into account pay changes in your direct sales program for volume. As a director for Scentsy I receive an extra 5% commission if my monthly sales volume is over $2,000. Even if I give away all 25% of my usual commission, the fundraiser helps me get to my $2,000. That means I still make 5% on the fundraiser AND I make 5% extra on my regular sales I might not have without the fundraiser's volume. Couple that with additional bonuses I receive being a director and it doesn't take long to see that I am still making money on the fundraiser even though I am giving commission away.

Reason #3: There's No Downside

Who you can do a fundraiser for? The possibilities are limitless. I have done fundraisers for schools, church groups, animal rescue groups, and even a single mom having surgery. Here's what I like best about doing fundraisers – even if all you get from a fundraiser in a small volume commission, additional bonus or a new customer, that's still more than you would have gotten by not doing it at all. And most importantly, you have helped a charity or community organization raise money to make a difference.

I have built almost my entire group from hosting fundraisers. Without fundraisers, I would not have great customers (many if whom have become team members). I highly recommend this as a great way to grow your business while feeling great about giving back to your community.

Meet guest blogger Christy Hill-Howard!

Christy is an Independent Director with the Scentsy Family. She has been in direct sales since 2010 and built almost her entire team from hosting fundraisers. You can learn more about Christy at




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