Guest Blog: It Takes a Minute To Win It

What can you do in one nail-biting minute to make a positive and lasting impression on a future client that will win you success in your business? Here are quick actions you can take to be a successful entrepreneur:

Expect Success!

Create your future and take a minute to focus on the next success you want to achieve, write it down, and post it where you will see it every day.

One-Minute Zinger!

When someone asks what you do, be able to share something that creates curiosity and piques interest in one minute or less. If people don’t ask you for more information, keep working on your elevator speech… it needs to be a Zinger!

Rags or Riches?

People size us up the first 30 seconds they meet us and are attracted to people who care about their appearance. You don’t have to be dressed in designer clothing, but take one minute to check your appearance before going to the grocery store or for an oil change: put on lip-gloss if you’re a woman or look sharp with a clean shave as a man, accessorize smartly and wear logo-wear if you have it.


Even on a bad day, turn that frown upside down and force yourself to smile for one minute before a party or meeting with a client. Studies show that the simple act of smiling actually triggers chemicals in your brain that lifts your mood…plus, it’s contagious!

Ask a Positive Question?

Take a minute to ask a question that makes people feel good about themselves. For example, “Can you remember a time in your life when you had a ton of energy?”, or, “What’s your favorite memory?” Then share the reason why you asked and how your business can make them have that positive feeling again!

Always Be Prepared

The Scout Motto is a great tool. Spend one minute with the information you need at your fingertips before your appointments. Do you have business materials in your car and purse? Is your computer running, calendar available, and forms in front of you before you’re on the phone?

Value Your Time!

Give only 1-2 times you are free to connect or host a party. What do you think of a doctor who has limited appointments? We automatically assume they are busy… and when they are busy, we assume they are good at what they do and their services are valued! When you limit your availability for clients, not only is it easier to schedule your life around your business and keep priorities straight, you instantly create the perception your service and products are in hot demand and consequently more valued! This is especially valuable if you are in the ‘fake it until you make it’ stage of your business.

Whether you are brand new to direct sales or are rocketing your business to the next level, I challenge you to evaluate what you can do in just one minute to garner the attention you want from someone who is going to decide whether or not to do business with you. Just one-minute can WIN IT and launch your success!

Meet guest blogger Teri Baxter!

Teri is a military wife and mother of 3 boys, has been in the direct-sales industry for 9 years. Teri recently started a new business venture with Isagenix and has personally sponsored more people in the past 6 months than in any previous 2-year time frame! Learn how you can be even more successful in your own life and in your business by feeling and looking your absolute best and connect with Teri by clicking ‘Like’ on her facebook page: