Guest Blog: Words for the Wise

Have you ever struggled with talking about booking and recruiting? Do you have a hard time knowing the best words to use to make those conversations comfortable and effective at the same time?
If this isn't a challenge for you, it might be for some of your team members, so these tips can help you to train your team on choosing words that work for them.

The idea here is to open up conversations about what you have to offer by choosing open ended questions, engaging, listening, discussing and steering the conversation in the direction you'd like to go. Before we get to that, you do need one more key ingredient – you gotta believe!

Believe in the value of what you have to offer.

Believe in yourself and offer the best service possible.

Believe in your business opportunity as a great option for others to consider to meet their needs.

If you believe, it comes through when you talk to others. If not, well that does too. Your belief makes you confident! And confidence allows you to communicate effectively, which helps you excel at all three of the basics in direct sales: booking, sharing your product and sharing your opportunity.

We want to be active, confident and open-ended in our communication to get better results. For instance instead of, "Would you like to do a show?" ask, "Have you ever considered hosting a party?" This opens up a conversation about the idea of hosting and gets a potential host to "consider" the idea and what that might involve or how that might feel to her.

Here's another example…

Instead of "Would you like some information on being a rep?" try, "What are your thoughts about doing something like this?" Again – you're asking an open ended question that starts her talking about her thoughts about the idea of the business and you can then continue that discussion based on her response.

The idea is to start the conversation moving in the direction you want to go and then…

  • Find out more about the person and their situation
  • Talk WITH, not at them
  • Build a relationship by building trust
  • Connect with them about their personal situation
  • Work with them on their hesitations (if they have any)

Here are three tips for making your communication more effective

  1. Offer narrow, focused choices "I'm scheduling now for next week, would Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon work best for you?"
  2. Handle objections/hesitations in a personal way "I understand you want your show to be great! If we can find one date in the next three to four weeks that works for you, and I help make it easy and fun, how would you feel about hosting?"
  3. Be in the driver's seat for the conversation and steer it in the direction you want to move"So when we get your date confirmed, who would be the first 10 people you'd like to invite?" OR "So if you were to become a Consultant, who would you like to be your first three hostesses (or team members)?"

Remember – your confidence at choosing words wisely during these conversations gets better with practice. So get out there and share what you have to offer!

Meet Guest Blogger Cathy Eads!

With Usborne Books and More since 1996, Cathy has worked her business through many changes in her personal life: going from a full time employee with an infant son to a stay-at-home mom with two more babies, having a traveling husband, building a home, surviving an out of state move, supporting an unemployed husband, raising first toddlers, then school age, and now teenage children, and helping her husband start his own business. She knows that direct sales is a flexible way to make a living on your own terms and around the needs and demands of your family life. Cathy enjoys helping other women reach goals and find success as part of her team with Usborne Books and More while also helping to make an impact on literacy. And she believes Julie Anne's idea of life/work harmony is the golden rule of keeping it all together as a direct sales professional. You can learn more about Usborne Books and connect with Cathy at





  1. Julie August 7, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    It was great, wasn’t it Nancy! Glad you liked it.

  2. Nancy Ann Wartman August 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Wonderful!!!  Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Katie Nordquist August 4, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Yay! I heard Cathy speak at our convention and I couldn’t take notes fast enough! She has so much poise & quiet confidence. Thank you for having her share her words so that I can complete my notes. 🙂 can’t wait to share this with my team!

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