Heading to Your National Company Conference This Summer?

Today & tomorrow I’m speaking at the Usborne Books & More national conference. Chances are good you’re either traveling soon or making plans to attend your own company conference. I love being a part of national conferences as a speaker and it’s your best chance to get great education while connecting with others from your company. What I can promise you is this – you’ll come away with your head swimming with fun memories, stories, and enough new ideas to overwhelm even the most organized among you.



Here’s a simple, brilliant idea for organizing the information you’ll get during conference. You’ll colored index cards (a different color for each day of your conference). Here’s how it works.


  • For each day of your conference, pick one color card (pink for Thursday, blue for Friday, green for Saturday, etc.)
  • Make 2 cards for each day with the following titles: “Wow, Do It Now!” and “Love It! Do It Later!”
  • Bring both cards with you to every training each day. When you hear an idea you like that you want to implement, ask yourself if it’s an idea you’ll take action on right away (like within 5 days of arriving back home after conference), or something that will require a little more preparation and planning.
  • If it’s an immediate action item, write it on your “Wow, Do It Now!” card
  • If it’s a deferred action item, write it on your “Love It! Do It Later!” card

Now, at the end of your conference, you’ve got color coordinated cards from each day of your conference with your best ideas front and center so you can make a plan and take action.


If you’re a leader, I encourage you to make cards for all of your team members who are attending conference with you, tell them how to use them, and then at the end of each day, come together and go over your cards together, learning from each other and adding others ideas to your cards as they come up.


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