Stay Organized Using a Host Envelope


If you do home parties for a living, you understand just how important your party hosts are to your success. And nothing is worse than letting something slip through the cracks when it comes to your host because you're not organized. When I was doing home parties, I managed up to 14 hosts each month, so I knew it was essential that I have a system in place to keep all of their information organized. I used what I call a host envelope.


This simple envelope gives you a place to keep every single detail you need for each host and party. Whether you’re coaching in person or over the phone, everything your host gives you, from mailing lists and postage to outside orders or booking information, goes into this envelope. Create a simple checklist with spaces for:

  • The host name
  • Host phone number
  • Party date
  • Everything you'll need from each host
  • Follow up dates


Simply glue this form to the front of each new host envelope you create.


With this checklist, you’ll never worry that anyone or anything is falling through the cracks.


As soon as you get home from a party (or the first thing the next morning):

  • Transfer all of the host information onto a simple 9X13 manila envelope (with the checklist attached).
  • Transfer the date and time of the party and the host coaching appointment into your calendar.
  • Schedule the follow up calls you need to make to your host into your follow up system.


All of this will take you less than 10 minutes and you’ll always know exactly what you’re doing with each host and when.


Create a time on your weekly calendar to check each envelope and note where you are in the host coaching process with each host so you can incorporate that into your weekly planning (in other words, will you need to be mailing out invitations, making a follow up call, etc. that week for your hosts?)


This simple concept acts like a domino effect…the envelope keeps you on track, making it easier to follow up with your hosts on time, securing their commitment to your party, which will potentially increase your party attendance and ensure the overall success of your business.


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