How My Husband’s Cancer Led To Something Amazing (That I Never Saw Coming)

DSC_4911This week has been quite a wild ride and this morning I felt inspired to share the “back story.”


On Monday we launch something brand new for us called “The Elite Insiders Success Summit.” Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of what this summit is…




  • We’ve got 10 power-packed interviews in 5 days (2 interviews a day for 5 days, each playing absolutely free to you for a full 24 hours)
  • I’m co-hosting it along with my friend, known direct sales trainer Belinda Ellsworth, and we’ll be bringing our over 30 years of combined direct sales training experience to the interviews and the series (including each of us doing our own info-packed interview)
  • We’re bringing together a handful of the most experienced leaders in our industry and giving them a forum for sharing their expertise
  • These are leaders who have successfully built their businesses from scratch, developing large, dynamic teams and creating lucrative full time incomes

Those are the facts, but there’s a lot more to the story than that. And no one except Belinda & I know the details. I decided it was time to share (because I’m overwhelmed with gratitude today as we top 7000 people registered for this event).


This idea came about because my husband has cancer.


No, really.


See, when my beautiful better half John was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma two years ago, we decided to share our journey. I started a blog called “Our Big Adventure…Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance!” and began sharing the posts on Facebook. The response from “friends” I’d never even met from all over the world was overwhelming. It’s honestly made a huge difference our lives and helped us cope. And writing about our journey has been very therapeutic for me.


Unfortunately, his care and the financial strain this has put on us has had a pretty significant impact on my business. Since John is self employed and has not been able to work over the past year, that’s added to the pressure on me as well. I’ve continued to work, but it’s definitely been more challenging. There are a lot of unknowns in our life and that affects everything. I’m grateful that I’m self-employed and appreciate the flexibility that gives me to be available for him when he needs me, but the bills still have to be paid.


Belind-JAJA few months ago, Belinda reached out to me on Facebook after I shared a particularly heartbreaking post and said our story had really touched her and she wanted to do something to help. I consider Belinda a friend but was blown away by her message. Many people have said they wished they could help, but in true “take action” form (If you’ve ever met Belinda you know she’s a powerhouse packed in a little package), Belinda was ready to do something. Later that week we chatted on the phone about how we might work together and The Elite Insider Success Summit was born.


We decided we both knew some pretty amazing leaders in our industry and we wanted to create something that would have a big, positive impact on as many direct sellers as possible. Selfishly, we also wanted to reach as many people as possible who had never heard of us individually before. Belinda has a new book coming out soon and I’m launching a brand new program next month, so getting in front of a ton of excited action-takers who were new to us and our work while helping all of them out by providing some incredible, free training is an awesome byproduct to all of this.


Every single leader we reached out to not only said yes, but was enthusiastic about participating. What they shared during these interviews is pure GOLD. They are honest and genuine and truly care about our industry and helping others succeed. They know what it takes to be successful and have come together to share their experience along with specific tips and tools designed to help others achieve that same level of success in their own businesses. We both feel honored to be able to be a part of this and for me personally, to partner with someone as amazing as Belinda is a true privilege. I have respected and learned from her for years.


So, there you have it. The “truth” behind this incredible summit. I hope you’re inspired to join us to learn from all of these amazing leaders. They’ve certainly impressed us and I know you absolutely won’t regret the small investment of time you’ll make over the next week to learn from them yourself. Remember, your time is the only investment you need to make to get access to all of these interviews. They are free for the taking as long as you sign up. You can do that here: