How to Leave a Voicemail Message That Will Get You A Call Back

VoicemailOne of the realities of working as a direct seller is that you have to follow up. I fervently believe that phone follow up (even though most of us hate doing it) is still the most effective way to get through to someone in this very crowded, busy world of social media and text messages. There’s something about the personal touch of an ACTUAL phone conversation that can’t be replaced with virtual communication.


The other reality inherent in phone follow up is that about 90% of the time, you’ll get someone’s voicemail and not actually reach them live and in person. So let me ask you a question…Do you get many calls back when you leave messages? If you’re like most people, the answer is no, and it’s frustrating for you.


How do you leave a voicemail message that will not only get someone’s attention, but also incite them to call you back?


Let’s look at a simple solution that will change your results.


The more information you give someone when you leave a message, the more likely they are to decide that they know why you’re calling and they don’t need to call you back. So in this case, less is definitely more. Leave just enough information to peak their curiosity and not enough to let them know exactly why you’re calling.


Here’s an example of what I say:


“Hey, Shannon, it’s Julie Anne Jones. Sorry I missed you. I have a quick question for you. Can you give me a call back when you get a chance? Thanks. Talk with you soon.” (Of course, I leave my number and tell them who I am if I don’t think they have that information, but you get the picture).


See. You don’t really know why I’m calling and I’ll bet you’re curious, aren’t you? Bingo. Curiosity will lead to returned calls quicker than anything in the world. And once you get them on the phone, you can engage and connect and at least have a shot at getting what you need from that person, whether it’s a customer, host, potential host, recruit lead, or team member.


There you go. It’s just that simple. Keep your voicemails short and sweet and a little mysterious and watch your call back numbers soar.


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