Guest Post: The Importance of Living What You Sell in Direct Sales

Barbara-hendersonMy guest blogger Barbara Henderson shares an interesting perspective along with a powerful story in her post today about why your passion for your product is paramount to your success as a direct seller. I think you'll enjoy her perspective and it should have you asking yourself a few important questions about your passion and your product and where the two meet.



Would you buy health products from a chain smoker?  

Hair products from Albert Einstein?

Conversely, if you’re allergic to smoke, would you sell cigars?

I was representing the company I work for (an award winning UK based organic skin care company called NYR Organic) at a fund raising event recently. At the end of the evening, one of the other vendors, representing a popular design your own locket company, came running over to me. She gushed about my company, how much she loves it; the product is wonderful, her skin had never been better than since she starting using it. Most shocking? She’d previously been a consultant for the same company. What!? How could we have lost this ball of selling energy?  Why did she switch companies? Having watched her easy way with customers and her fabulous sales techniques all evening, I was sad to think we didn’t have her on our side!

I’m nothing if not curious, so I asked. “What happened? Why would you leave a company you speak so well of?” She laughed and said she loves the product, but realized the fit might not be so great when she worked a natural living event, and asked for a diet cola at the vendor’s refreshment area.  She got “the look” from the guy behind the counter, who replied with a disdainful “we don’t offer that here”. Also, she told me, she really just wasn’t that into organic living – she loves the product because it works, regardless of its organic status. The rest of it – to GMO or not to GMO, parabens, phthalates, triclosan – she just didn’t care very much. I appreciate her self-awareness, the lack of hypocrisy in her actions.

On the other hand, I discovered the products I represent while I was at a farmer’s market looking for grass fed pastured beef. I’ve watched Food Inc. multiple times, Joel Salatin is my hero. I compost, I recycle and upcycle, I ignore 80% of the grocery store, I garden and I preserve. My husband and I plan to raise heritage breed chickens, goats and sheep. In fact, I was drawn to the booth by the idea of organic shampoo. I’d been a “no-poo” girl for years, and then had “graduated” to baking soda wash with vinegar rinse. I yearned for something that, well, quite honestly, something that didn’t smell so bad. 

Everything this company stands for is what I’ve been working hard to get to in my life for years, and in spite of the many times I’d declined to become involved in direct sales, I decided to go for it this time. It’s been a great decision for me – I’m free to do the other things that matter to me, I get to educate people, and I represent a company and a product that I’m SO proud to share.

Over the years I’ve noticed that when my interests align with my work, a few things happen: I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work.  I am successful at what I do.  I am rewarded with recognition and/or income. That’s quite the trifecta. 

So, are direct sales for everyone?  Definitely not. 

Will your success in one company determine your success in another? Definitely not. 

The importance of truly living what you sell can’t be overstated, and the power of living what you sell is limitless.

About Barbara – In addition to being a good cook and loving wife, Barbara Henderson has been an Independent Consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies’ US Direct Selling Division, NYR Organics, since October 2012 and has never held a direct sales position prior to this one, primarily because she’s never believed in a company the way she does this one. In previous lives, she’s been a hotline counselor, a traffic technician, a pizza shop owner, a training assistant and a manager in the private club industry. You can connect with Barbara on Facebook at or over on her website at



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