Long Live Snail Mail

mailboxes-1838667_1280It seem as though the entire world has gone virtual in the past five years or so. Actual snail mail seems to be considered passe. Why use it at all? After all, isn’t it slow, pointless, and easily replaced by email? Not necessarily. The truth is, it’s not replaceable. In fact, it’s far more personalized and important than you may think.


Yes, it’s the age of the internet, and everything pertaining to customer service is handled via the web. There’s no arguing that the internet is an extremely important component to any business, including yours, and a well-built website can help to improve your business. However, there’s something personal and traditional about snail mail that email just cannot match. In fact, many marketers who started on the internet are now adding bulk snail mail as a part of their marketing strategy because your actual mailbox is a lot less cluttered than it was even a few years ago and you’re more likely to notice and actually read something that comes in the mail. 


Here are a few great reasons to consider using actual envelopes and stamps to send out your next party invitations and thank you notes.


Physical Copies Mean More Than Data


There’s a reason why important documents such as passports and birth certificates are given as physical copies. When something is digital, it’s easily changed and altered, and the original can be lost in the electronic process due to hardware issues, email deliverability, or the image being destroyed or overwritten. Files can be corrupted if the hard drive they are stored on is damaged or failing, and it can lead to a catastrophic meltdown of your business.


On the contrary, physical copies can be laminated, framed, and photocopied multiple times and the original is left intact. There’s something exclusive about owning physical copies of bills and letters, and the personalisation available will imprint your company’s name onto whoever receives the letters.


It’s Cheap Than You Think


People argue that the cost of mailing invitations or thank you notes is extremely expensive, and it doesn’t suit the digital age we live in. Emails are essentially free, and no one can argue with how convenient and inexpensive it is to send an email. However, it’s not that much more work to send physical invitations to your party guests and physical thank you notes to your hosts and the payoff (you being set apart by your stellar customer service) is worth it.


Plus, the internet has even made mailing physical letters easier. There are websites such as http://www.onlinestamp.net/buy-stamps that allow you to get regular batches of stamps delivered straight to your door. The cost of mailing a letter is justified in the quality of relationships you’ll be building by sending a physical invitation or thank you note to your guests and hosts. 


It’s Appreciated


It’s crucial to accommodate all walks of life and all ages in your direct sales business. Not everyone has access to a smartphone, and not everyone uses the internet every day so they can catch emails as soon as they arrive. Many people just prefer to have a physical object they can actually touch and feel. There’s also the added bonus that physical mail can’t be accidentally filtered into someone’s spam mailbox, never to be seen. Plus, the simplicity of snail mail is also safer. What you get in the mail is 100% safe and there’s nothing that could be tricking you into giving your credit card details or crashing your PC.


Mailing physical invitations and thank you notes to your guests and hosts is a great way to build relationships, increase attendance at your parties, and ensure that every single person you’re mailing to is actually opening and reading your message. That’s priceless in this world of internet overwhelm.


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