“Maybe” Means “Yes”


Several years ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the same direct sales convention with Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton, the authors of a great book called "Go for No" . Their message is really awesome and very relevant for direct sellers. They teach a whole new perspective on the word "no," and how you can use it to succeed instead of as an excuse to fail. I highly recommend the book. At only about 74 pages, it's a packed but quick read and well worth your time.


I was talking with one of my clients about the book last week in the context of making follow up calls to her direct sales clients and potential recruits and hosts. We agreed that taking "no" at face value is dangerous, and then got on the topic of "maybe." Here's what I told her about my take when I get a "maybe."


It's not a no, so it really must be a yes. Maybe not, "Yes, I'm ready to start tomorrow" or "Yes, I want to book a party right now" but certainly "Yes, I want you to follow up with me in the future when I will be ready to say yes." Get it? It's really a gift if you look at it, because it's an opportunity for you to call back, follow up, and interact with that person again (and again, and again, as long as they keep saying "maybe").


The key is to look at it as an inherent "yes" instead of just assuming it's really a "no" in disguise. If someone says "maybe," they mean they aren't ready to make a decision right now. The only one who assumes they mean "no" is you. And it's a false assumption.


So I'd like to encourage you to look at the next "maybe" you get as an opportunity to follow up and create a yes. If you need a little guidance on how to follow-up effectively, I've written quite a few posts about follow up and you can read them here.


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