NOW is The Time to Focus On January Home Party Plan Bookings!

Now-scrabble-brandedAs a direct seller, I’ll bet you’ve found yourself having  a V-8 moment and realizing “I forgot to get bookings for January!” There’s a huge push during the end of November and early December to get your home parties done and orders submitted in time for holiday orders to be delivered to your customers. Once that push is over, you have all of the traditions and celebrations around the holidays so you tend to unplug from your business. By the time you get to December 31st, you panic!


This happened to me one time, during the first year of my business, when I was brand new, and I vowed it would never happen again. January was such a huge chore and I felt almost like I was starting my business all over again. What I did in subsequent years was very simple. When it came to offering party dates and filling up my calendar with bookings, I simply skipped over December 15th through the 31st as if it didn’t exist, and I focused on January 1st through the 15th instead. I booked those dates as if they were only 30 to 45 days out beginning in mid November.


I also found lots of great reasons for hosts to book parties with me in January. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • The holidays are over (that in and of itself is a let down)
  • Other than Martin Luther King day, we don’t get to celebrate any holidays in January so people need an excuse for a party
  • Chances are good your company is running some awesome host and customer specials for January
  • You still have time to qualify for your upcoming incentive trip


Take a few moments before your next party and get prepared. Fill out at least six party date cards and come up with some extra incentives if home party hosts book during the first two weeks of January. This could be as simple as free shipping for the host or as elaborate as a nicer item you raffle off to one of your January hosts. The idea is to give them lots of reasons to choose one of your early January dates.


Plus, on a side note, remember that many people have bills from Christmas that come due in January and they’re often looking for extra income. All of those parties you’ll be doing will give you a great opportunity to build your team!


So look at your December parties as more than just sales opportunities. Look at them as a way to ensure that you’ll start next year with a strong business. That way, you can truly relax over the holidays knowing you’ll have a business to come back to when the new year starts.


So it’s not too late, and you have what it takes. Get out there and start filling up your calendar for next year!


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